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That boy hating School Teacher
(01-18-2020, 12:45 AM)littlejay84 Wrote: Going back through the years i remember a school teacher of mine "Miss Cooling" It was year 4 of primary school (England)

Back then i wouldn't of thought anything about it. But now i think, she would of loved this website!!
The stern tall lesbian boy/man hatering teacher.

The Funny thing was that she didnt hate me and i got on with her. I was the only boy that she gave privilege too. (Maybe she knew and could see that deep down i was one of the girls)

However as a child i didnt like her personally. I thought she treated the boys like sh** and the girls was given every
privilege going. 

a number of things that come to mind that now set alarm bells ringing! 

1. Have the boys all dress in pleated skirts (roman soldiers) school play 
2. Have the boys all dress in nappies (diapers US) for a skit in a school play (girls bottle feed the crying babies)
3. Have the boys all dress in tights and tutus for a skit in a school play (girls have drawn on moustaches)
4. Family funrun day have the boys wear dresses and the girls run in trousers
5. Charity event have all the girls pie and gunge the boys for charity   

unfortunately i heard that this lady died in 1997 of breast cancer
i sometimes had fantasies of me knocking on her door as a child and asking her to make me her little girl or baby.

In primary 4 we had a teacher just like that. Miss Kenny a formidable lady in her mid 50's .
Angel A little bit of hanky panky does you good .  Angel

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