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Duchess of SusSex
Because there’s so little to do in lockdown, I thought to watch a few episodes of Suits. It’s pretty awful, not least because both the male leads are so unappealing. Harvey (Gabriel Macht) is an insecure arrogant creep who has Mommy issues and clearly needs a controlling female influence. Mike Ross (Patrick Adams) is supposedly hyper intelligent slacker orphan turned fake lawyer, has dreadful judgement and is a know-it-all twerp. The less said about the grotesque Louis Litt (Rick Hoffman), a walking advert for anti-semitism, the better.

The female characters are much more interesting. Firm boss Jessica Pearson (Gina Torres) is magnificent, poor little rich kid turned glorious leader. Donna Paulsen (The Donna), played by Sarah Rafferty, is an all competent, 'sassy' redhead pa turned COO and is the heart of the series with a great walk. Smaller roles such as Sheila Sazs and Dana Scott are interesting and well played (the former by Rachel Harris, also excellent in the disappointing Lucifer).

The plots are formulaic. There is some witty banter, but baddies are mostly cardboard cutout and dull.

And as for Meghan? Well it’s all there to see, and always was. She’s whiny, manipulative and entitled. When playing sympathetic, it doesn’t seem genuine, and the idea of her as a top notch legal analyst is nigh on laughable.
She’s not even that attractive. Figure is slightly odd (lower half heavy) and she is not at all graceful in movement.

I would rank all the other main females in the show of more worthy as objects of submission and devotion.

My ranking of the ladies?
1. Gina
2. Donna
3. Sheila
4. Dana
5. Rachel

My ranking of the show?
3 stars, largely because of the high number of powerful beautiful Women.
(01-17-2020, 12:11 PM)Bonzodoug Wrote: Does anyone doubt they are in a Female Led Relationship?

There is no doubt that the duchess of Sussex is the dominant one in their marriage, I bet she even had Prince William in a petticoat from time to time, She was in charge of them all, I bet she even had Kate Middleton dressed as a school girl and sent her of to spend a few hours with  her black alpha male lovers with a smack on the bottom
(10-08-2020, 07:39 AM)Bonzodoug Wrote: I wonder if he has to wear frillies at home now?

Like this.


(10-07-2020, 10:45 PM)carrie Wrote:
(01-17-2020, 12:11 PM)Bonzodoug Wrote: Does anyone doubt they are in a Female Led Relationship?

I think we can say that without any doubt whatsoever now  Tongue

Like a puppeteer of late and no need for a small whip either  Confused
She probably has a variety of punishment tools.
He is almost certainly in a chastity tube and panties.

(10-09-2020, 03:11 AM)Cindy Wrote: I think his last costume in public was a Nazi stormtrooper which didn't go over too well.

He may well be role playing with her, but I think once he figures out how he's been used, he'll go home.

I am not so sure. He has found his Mistress, we all know it can often take a very long time to find the right woman to serve. He so obviously defers to her in everything. 
Psychoanalysts will tell you that a broken home with a mother figure that is perceived to have been badly treated often results in later deferrence to and desire to be controlled by a powerful woman.

Look at Wills and the Magnificent Kate. She definitely rules that marriage too.

Another great example of taking time to find one's Mistress is Rod Stewart and his Penny. So clearly submissive to her and blissfully happy to be so.

I fully expect Prince Harry to remain blissfully in her service until she tires of him.

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