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Physical Education
I've described elsewhere on this site my early months with Lesley and am now going to post periodic updates as and when there's anything significant to report.
Lesley is, in effect, a man-child or - I suppose more accurately now - a woman-child! It pleases me to have him live with me as a schoolgirl for much of the time.

That being so, it occurred to me that he should have a weekly PE lesson. I can't think why it's taken me so long to come up with this.

I well remember the humiliation of my own schooldays at a co-educational grammar school, where the girls had to do PE dressed in just an aertex top and gym knickers.
This was all year round, indoors and outdoors and regardless of the weather. The boys wore shorts and vests and loved to watch us running past them. We were only allowed to wear games skirts for tennis and hockey.

So, it's payback time. Lesley is now the proud owner of two sports bras [Adidas FR7330 if you want to have a look online] which he wears all day and every day. They're a really snug fit over his man-boobs and totally unobtrusive under a shirt or blouse. He is amazed how comfortable they are, and seems quite happy to wear them.

Not so good for him is the PE regime. I've decided that 7am on a Wednesday morning is a good time. He brings up my morning tray at about 6.45am and at 7 o'clock I can observe him from my window. He wears the sports bra, navy gym briefs, white ankle socks and white trainers. He goes through a full warm up on the patio then gets down on an exercise mat and works through a routine I've set for him. He then does skipping, running on the spot, star jumps and so on. The session lasts for about 30 minutes after which he has to take a shower.

It has been very wet of late and quite cold some mornings so Wednesdays are not looked forward to with any enthusiasm. I, on the other had, love it!
As you can imagine, there was a lot of resistance to this new regime and I had to cane him quite severely one morning, when he was reluctant to go out on a dark, chilly and very wet day. We do have outdoor lighting so as far as I'm concerned there's no excuse for missing a session.

I'd live to know whether any other mistresses have introduced similar regimes.

Strictly Miss Cunningham
Miss Cunningham,
I also live a lot of my time as a schoolgirl for my female superior.

PE has been part of my life for some time now. Although 'my' PE uniform is light blue aertex shirt and brown short skirt over the terrible brown regulation school knickers.

I wear the full uniform of a Convent girls School - the very same one that she was sent to in her day.

Thank You Miss Cunningham for sharing Your PT regime with Lesley. I'm sure it's humiliating and less than pleasant to be outside at 7 AM and performing the required routine, but certainly it is good for his obedience training and allows him to experience the same shame and discomfort school girls had to endure.

Most respectfully,

sissy jamieanne
As a child and a teenager I was sometimes made to wear my little sister's school gym kit. Of all the outfits I was made to wear this was one of the very most humiliating.

Her gym knickers weren't like normal knickers (not that I enjoyed wearing 'normal' knickers). These were full cut, bottle green knickers, as I'd seen the girls in my class wearing in gym at school. The girls were always embarrassed about the boys seeing them in their gym kit, especially as it was so easy to get a glimpse of their knickers under their little gym skirts. I always felt a double humiliation to be made to wear the same as them - not only was I being made to dress as a girl, but I was being made to wear an outfit that even girls found humiliating.

Lucy's skirt was short on her, so even shorter on me. I had almost no chance of hiding the gym knickers I'd been made to wear. Coupled with one of her aertex sports blouses, later coupled with a little sports bra underneath, was utterly shameful.

The final straw was the comments from my mother like "Be careful, Ali, or everyone will see your knickers'. It was a truly humiliating experience.

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