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First thing after work
Who else as to put on there big girl bra and boobs as soon as they walk in the door?????its one of my many requirements!

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I shave all over, use my femmy body washes and shampoos. Slip on my bra and breast forms and a silky long nylon nightie. Then I am set.
Yes me to, bra on to match the panties Ive had on all day, boobs in, dress and wig
Longing to serve women
Lacy dawn, My bra and my lipstick! When working from home there's no need to wait to come through the door.
One of the best things about working from home is dressing for the office in the morning. Pretty silky panties, sheer tights or stockings, a satin blouse, a tight pencil skirt suit and heels and I'm all set.
I wear knickers to work (I don't have any male underwear), but I love coming home and getting changed into something much more comfortable.

I sometimes get to work from home too, and then I dress as an 'office girl' - matching bra and panties, stockings and suspenders, mini skirt, white blouse, bright red lipstick, high heels. Heaven!
I love the winter time the best because I can wear my panties camisole suspender belt and stockings under my office suit at work. Feeling so feminine all day, and constantly aware of how you are dressed by the tug of your suspenders on your stocking tops with every move you make.and then rushing straight home so that you can complete the feeling with bra, silicone fillers full length silky slip dress and low heeled courts. Painted finger nails make up and spritz of yummy perfume.
Oh Susan,

How sweet that you can wear stockings and lingerie at work. Those feelings each time you move must be exquisite.

Do you ever dream about being at work totally dressed as the real you, wearing your bra and a lacy slip, and a pretty dress, all dolled up?

Does anyone at work have any clue that Susan lives inside you?
In petticoats and permed curls
Miss Kimmi
I think we can all here attest to wearing a pair of panties to work occasionally! What a fun thrill that is.  My lovely wife always suggest I wear panties and women’s leggings when I go to the gym after work.

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