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Albert's first skirt
Albert's new school uniform skirt was laid out on his bed, and the poor boy couldn't take his eyes off her.

  Albert's mother had put the skirt in the center of the bed, clearly visible.

  Shirley, Albert's sister, was only a year younger, and being Albert a short boy for his age, his mother had decided that Albert would wear the school skirt that Shirley had used until then.

  Albert was still sitting on his bed, looking hypnotized at the folds of his new skirt.

  Then Shirley entered the room like a hurricane, singing: "Albert will wear SKIRTS, Albert will wear SKIRTS !!!"

  The mother of both entered after Shirley in the room, and ordered Albert to take off his pants and put on his new skirt.

  Albert refused to undress in the presence of his mother and sister, then his mother told him that if he didn't take off his pants, Shirley would forcefully take them off.

  Shirley applauded and waited excitedly for Albert to refuse, and indeed he did

  Thus, his mother gave Shirley a free path, which threw himself on Albert, and in the face of his weak resistance, his pants were in the blink of an eye at his ankles.
  Shirley then pulled hard on both legs and stripped his brother of his precious pants.

  Albert stayed in the center of the room, alone with his Spiderman boxers, in front of his mother and his little sister.

  Then his mothers ordered him to put on his school skirt.
  His mother looked at him and commented that he looked good, and Shirley laughed and approaching Albert, said:
  "Wow, all the girls are going to want to lift your skirt !!"

  And that is precisely what his mother did, lift her skirt.
  Shirley applauded eagerly, and told his mother that the girls were going to see those ugly underpants from Alber.
  The mother agreed, and said that it was not right to wear underpants under her skirt, and decided to buy several pairs of panties for Albert the next day, but by that time she had to resort to Shirley's underwear, to which she asked that  " donate" a pair of her panties to Albert.

  That day was going to be horrible for Albert, his fears were fulfilled all at once when he broke through the door of his house, and outside he saw how the cold of that November morning he bit his bare legs, and the strange and disturbing feeling of  her skirt floating from her waist.

  Everything was bad, to which he joined that his sister Shirley was at his side, constantly mocking and threatening to lift her skirt.

  Yes, the new times are going to be tough for the kids at St Andrews.
Hold your little skirt GirlBoy, because if not the girls will see your panties with ruffles
Bring it ON - MORE story and of course pretty please with sweetness !
Thanks Babylock, for your encouragement.  I will continue publishing stories of boys caught in the change of gender roles.
Hold your little skirt GirlBoy, because if not the girls will see your panties with ruffles
Thank goodness Albert was soon to part with those ugly Spiderman underpants and was to wear panties with his skirt before too long.

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