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Trudelicious pt 1. New story.
Things had not been going well for quite a while. Helen and Drew had been married for five years, and the initial attraction seemed to have faded, at least on her side. 

They had always been competitive, but lately she had been winning too much. Her business, which he had treated as a joke when she had started it straight out of University, was growing from strength to strength, while his career had stalled. The big accountancy firm he had joined as a high flying graduate trainee had disappeared in a huge scandal in the US, and he had had to settle for a position with a much more modest provincial firm based in her home town.  She, on the other hand, was travelling more and more widely, setting up a global office network for her female lifestyle business. 

His favourite activity, Rugby, was now closed off to him after a car crash, which left him under strict doctors orders to pursue non contact sports. Going down to the club to see his friends play left him depressed, and to some extent he took refuge in drink. A few pints of beer, if they didn’t make him feel better, at least helped obscure his increasing sense of failure. Of course, he started to put on weight, and his formerly athletic frame was now becoming padded.

Helen became less tolerant and loving, and more critical. Their sex life, never active or imaginative, had dwindled away to nothing. Helen was even talking about having him move into the spare bedroom, so as not not endure his snoring and occasional 'disgusting lunges'. 

After one week when she had been away on business, travelling with her seemingly inseparable assistant, Julia, Drew felt that his life had no meaning. He polished off a bottle of whiskey, and emptied a bottle of pills, seeking the 'easy way out'.

It was his mother-in-law that saved his life. Forgetting that Helen was away, she popped in to their house (Helen had given her a key), to find the house in an appalling state, and Drew comatose on the living room sofa. As quick witted as her daughter, she called for an ambulance, and then accompanied her son-in-law to the hospital for his stomach to be pumped out. 

When at last he came to, his wife was standing at the foot of the bed.  As always these days, she was immaculate. Her lustrous black hair was piled high her above her head, her jet eyes glittered behind enormous black lashes and perfect make up, her tiny nose was thrust upwards as if escaping a faintly unpleasant smell, while her carmine lips were pursed in a moue of disapproval. As always, she was perched on tall high heeled stilettos, while her tight silk blouse and wide black leather belt emphasised her voluptuous curves.

'Oh dear Drew, what has happened to you? It’s just so disappointing'. 

He felt so ashamed. He mumbled. 'I’m sorry, I’m so sorry, it’s just...'

'Sh. Shh!' She cut him short. 'Don’t try to talk'. 

She came close to the side of the bed, and her red talons raked his cheek, half way between affection and aggression. Her scent was almost overpowering. 'You are having a tough time at the moment. Maybe I’ve been neglecting you.'

She leant over him, her large breasts pressing into him. She continued to stare deep into his eyes, with an unreadable expression. Love? Anger? Pity? Distaste? Unexpectedly she pressed forward to kiss him full on the lips. He could taste her lipstick, nearly drowning in her scent. His physical reaction was instantaneous. Despite his weakened condition, he was instantly erect, pushing up through his pyjamas and tenting the sheets of his hospital bed. 

She stood up, and with a wistful smile, placed her hand over the sheet, resting lightly on his straining member. 

'Unfortunately, I have to go on my US trip. Tomorrow. And it’s been extended to a month.'

‘I'm going to be fine. Julia will be with me.' Again she smiled, this time with a happier expression. 

'Don’t worry, though. I’ve arranged for Mummy to move in to the house to look after you. After all, she used to be a Nurse before she trained as a psychotherapist, and she can help you get better.'

'Be good, sweetie. Do what Mummy says, and you’ll soon be good as new. I leave you in her very capable hands. See you in a month!'

He was left in a haze, the taste of her final kiss, the departing tap of her fingernails on his jutting penis, her scent, and the echo of her departing words. 

Very capable hands. 


Drew sank bank into the bed, trying to will away his erection, but no matter how much he tried, he could not ignore the lingering scent and echoing words. 

His erection was still troubling him an hour later, after an embarrassing visit by the pretty Philippine nurse who administered a range of drugs and, looking down at his groin, smilingly told him to 'be a good boy, your Mummy is coming soon'. He tried, feebly, to stutter that she was not his mother, but his mother-in-law. The nurse, Maria, brushed away his complaints with a tight smile. 'Your mummy is coming soon, so we will need to clean you up.' 

To Drew's embarrassment, this was going to be a daily ritual. A very intrusive body wash, followed by an enema. This had been decreed by  Doctor Tribade , an imposing female with close cropped grey hair and an imperious bust, apparently a great friend of Helen's mother. And the decree had made while Drew's mother-in-law was visiting. She heartily endorsed the suggestion, adding that it was necessary to 'purge those impurities'. 

Nurse Maria helped him out of his pyjamas into a hospital robe, which was (of course) open at the back. This one was in a sort of medical pink, and made Drew feel very self conscious. She wheeled him on a hospital chair out of his private room (generously provided by Dominica, his Mother-in-Law) to the Hygiene Facility. The Nurse handed him a rubber bathing cap, and covered his eyebrows with tape. She pointed him to a shower gel with the warning to keep it out of his eyes. ‘It’s powerful stuff, and will make and keep you hygienic’. During a lengthy and very relaxing hot shower, the strongly floral-smelling shower gel tingled powerfully on his skin. As he luxuriated under the powerful jet, he noticed that his body hair was washing away. He muttered a half hearted protest, but was nearly overcome with simultaneous feelings of physical stimulation and mental lethargy. His skin felt alive, while his mind and muscles felt weak, so weak. 

As the shower was shut off from outside the cubicle he stumbled through the glass door, almost falling. The nurse wrapped him in a large  towel and helped onto an elevated bed. As he lay face down on the rubber sheet, the Nurse fastened his ankles and wrist to restrainers. The sheet was lightly covered with an oil, and the bed appeared to be heated. Nurse Maria then pressed the electric control, so that the central part of the bed rose, pushing his bottom in the air. The leg parts of the bed separated, so he was held in a ‘Y’ shape, his rapidly forming erection pointing straight down below the torso part of the bed, while he could feel how thoroughly his rosebud was exposed. 

As if on cue, the door to the Hygiene Centre opened, and he could hear the soft Spanish accent of his mother in law, conversing lightly with the gruff alto of Doctor Tribade. ‘Ah there you are, Darleeng’ breathed Dominica. ‘Doctor Leslie asked if I wanted to see the procedure, and I thought it might make it easier for you.’  Drew thought he would faint with embarrassment. Not only were the three ladies crowding round looking at his buttocks and rosebud, they could clearly see his engorged balls and phallus pointing straight down between his legs. 

'So much better without that nasty masculine hair', Dominica trilled, as she lightly ran her fingernails across his buttocks. 'I can see that your bottom is really quite pretty'. 

‘Nurse, could you lubricate the patient, please?’ came Doctor Tribade’s deep voice. While he could hear the sound of a latex glove being snapped into place, Dominica had moved to the head of the bed, and she whispered in his ear. ‘I am going to help you’, she breathed. ‘I know you are really a sweet leetle boy, and I’m going to help you. You just do what Mummy tells you, and everything’s going to be OK. Shhhh...’

The distraction of Domina’s soft voice in his ear did not overcome the sensation of a slippery lubricant being applied, nor of the lovely Philippina nurse's finger gently but steadily forcing a passage. Drew tried to buck himself free, but the restraints held him firm, and the slippery latex bed prevented him from gaining any purchase. All he succeeded in doing was giving the nurse's finger easier access. He felt it slip inside him, and the dollop of lubricant being swirled around the anal cavity. 

'You need to relax', the Doctor's voice admonished. 'This is a new enema technique, which washes and rinses on a cycle. The wash will fill you with nutrients and enzymes, which will thoroughly purify you, removing the toxins and replacing your poisoned male gut flora with a more appropriate variety, while the inner hose will extract the waste.' 

A slight frisson of humour could be heard in her voice. 'It does mean that the nozzle has to be quite large, to accommodate the liquid flows, so you will need to relax'. 

Nurse Maria’s fingers were now skilfully manipulating his sphincter, and he could feel an anal probe being pushed, gently but insistently into his anal passage. Again he tried to resist, with a grunt. With each grunt, the Nurse withdraw the probe slightly, only to push forward once again, this time with renewed pressure. 

'No, Dominica! I’m being torn apart' Drew cried. 'Shh baby. Mummy's here. Don’t resist. Open wide for Mummy. Good boy'. His Mother in Law was whispering gently in his ear, and with the last whispered phrase, he felt himself opening up, and the nozzle pushing deep inside him.
What a great start to your story!

I can't wait to see what happens to Drew in the claws of some extremely capable dominant females, including his Mother-in-law.
In petticoats and permed curls
Miss Kimmi

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