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Femtopia .
RF wrote:
whyguys, can you direct message me, I believe you need to enable it so I can respond too.

To do this, you must go to User CP in the upper right of the forum window.

You see the User Control Panel.

Here, you can set your PM and email preferences.

If you want, you can change them back after connecting with RF.

As for forums disappearing, that's a real specialty for Voy. Fora disappeared without warning or explanation.

Once, I started a Yahoo group and managed to attract a few Voy contributors. We lasted a few weeks.

One AM, I checked the forum and found an inappropriate picture posted from Scotland since I last checked before going to bed. I immediately wrote to the poster, intending to delete the post as soon as I sent the response.

I could not send the post nor delete the post because, evidently, during the time I was writing the post, Yahoo also discovered the post and summarily. I tried to send, but got an error message that the forum was deleted because of violation of terms of service.
For days, I peppered them with requests and explanations, but never got any response except repeats of the form message.

Eventually, I started the Voy Female Supremacy and, a few days later, the Petticoated Voy forum, this forum's precursor.

After about a year and a half, the Female Supremacy forum had few participants and I dropped it. In the meantime, Auntie Helga and I found this terrific forum system that's free.

I am so impressed with the participants here. Helpful, supportive posts on many topics. Disagreements are dealt with respectfully. We've had only one member expelled for repeated offenses to other members.

What a terrific group!
Stamp out useless scrolling! To reply to posts, click Reply, then Control (or Command) + A, then start typing. Or, to focus on one part of a previous post, delete the unneeded sections, then reply. Add a similar message to your .sig if you like.

Your forum maid,

ModeratorM Cool

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