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Why is diaper fetishes mostly males and yet internet post mostly females?
That is interesting- I suppose if any other demographic could compare in terms of life stresses, it would likely be the ‘Old Boy’s Brigade’, as the balance of responsibility between the genders maybe isn’t so apparent for those who have lived with the old stereotypes longest. 

It sounds like Mel maybe has quite a few clients from what you’re saying, does she work locally or travel around for her jobs?
Mostly she works from home but will travel if picked up and returned . She is very picky and does not take money for it . Just likes the power and sex lol .
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(09-23-2020, 05:50 PM)Bill Wrote: Talking with Mel my babysitter yesterday and she says that she babysits 3 girls to every boy baby . The boys tend to be older men while the girls are in their late teens to late twenties and the girls are far more sexually orientated with the fetish than the males .

She sounds like an ideal source to gain more insight from her girls if she is able to question them to find out their motives for infantilism.  That would be fascinating if she is permitted to probe gently.

But as a guess, I'd hazard that with sexual equality gaining more traction it males more sense to see more women entering realms that were once only for males?

A very intriguing OP/observation though.
Always in strict uniform
(09-23-2020, 05:31 AM)Bill Wrote: There has been a big swing over to girls liking to be babied as well . It used to be male orientated as boys were petticoated in the past or felt that being babied destressed their normal lives . Now with all the social pressures from things like social media. Girls have adopted it in a far bigger way and not only use it for emotional reasons but for sexual ones as well .Kissing a girl and liking it is now the norm for a lot of young girls and they have no problem taking it into their own brand of infantilism . If you notice . Mostly all ABDL is mommy baby girl .

Not sure that it's mostly "mommy baby girl" (mommy dom/little girl - mdlg?)  Seems rare to find that on the usual blogs.  Haven't done quantifiable research but seems most ABDL girls are in daddy-dom-little-girl relationships.  In fact, saw one video of an ABDL girl in a lesbian relationship who called her partner daddy. 

Would appreciate direction to mdlg blogs you frequent since such relationships are intriguing.  Of course, you do have the advantage of the personal experience of your sitter that appears to support your contention but that's a small sample.  In addition, it appears she acts as a sitter for her own pleasure as well as her charges' enjoyment so her clientele is structured according to her choices.  This writer envies you.

Nevertheless, that there appear to be more ABDL females than males on the blogs could be due, as others have noted, to the majority of both males and females preferring to see a cute female in diapers rather than a hairy infantile male (can't believe how many males think hairy is cute).  I would expect the males to be looking for cute rather than simian.  Could also explain why real females appear in sissy/crossdressing blogs.  People into this lifestyle want to see cute and believe they are cute.  It's what the real world sissy/adult baby aspires to.  An unattractive sissy or adult baby could put a chill on the fantasy.  Of course, there is always a market for everything in the fetish world. 

None of this rambling, however, addresses male vs female ABDLs in the real world. There has been research (can't remember where) linking infantilism with crossdressing (using that term generically).  Theoretically a female can't be a crossdresser since it's accepted as open season for females in all manner of clothing.  This would argue in favor of a wider spectrum of males with the potential to be involved or interested in the ABDL lifestyle (just another form of crossdressing).  Likewise, a female's freedom to dress as she pleases, even in an infantile style (e.g., Lolita fashion), could explain why more females than males are more likely to be out in "public".  Finally, in any ABDL related blog, reviews in online ABDL shops, or wherever comments are posted it seems the majority of commenters are male. 

Merely this writer's views and not meant to offend.  Resting the  pen.
It's not just about crossdressing . Maybe that's due to the fem dom blogs you have read . In one way it's about the control . But as a girl explained to me it's about the unconditional love between a mummy and her baby . Baby girls like it mixed with sex . In some ways it answers there bi side by being a blameless little baby whos loving mummy makes her orgasm .
If you look at some of the longest running sites like Adult baby source . Diapers xxxx and Xtreme diapers . Also Diaperland and others from Germany .
The reason for so few girls posting is that they get hammered by males wanting a relationship with them when they are looking for other females . They also have their own female only blogs and chat places .
Angel A little bit of hanky panky does you good .  Angel
Babycakes and Bill, that is very good write up, I learned from it. Thank-you.
I mentioned this post to Mel last night . Her response was . When are you men going to get it through there heads that baby girls don't want to tell men or talk to men about it . What gives men the right to pry into what a girl wants in an ABDL relationship . It's private and got nothing to do with them and the babies want nothing to do with them unless they are looking for a daddy or mummy and daddy couple .
Then she went on to say that men like that are hypocrites saying that women are dominant to men then kicking off on one because they feel that the mother giving unconditional love may need it and babying herself . Is un natural . Women are supposed to give it . Not take it from another woman . They see this is un natural the way people thought that being gay or lesbian was or other things were un natural .
Angel A little bit of hanky panky does you good .  Angel

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