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Simon's humiliating punishment
I told you what would happen if I caught you wearing your sisters' panties again, Simon, and not only did you continue to do so, but now I've caught you having made a nasty little sticky mess in Lisa's knickers and her pretty yellow and white polka dot jumpsuit!

So to teach you a lesson I've decided that you will be your sisters' maid for a week. You'll clean and tidy each of their rooms, you'll clear up their plates after each meal, and you'll hand wash their knickers.

Oh, and to make sure you fully appreciate what it's like to be their maid, I've got you a little maid's uniform for you to wear.

At the end of each day your sisters will award you marks out of ten for how hard you've worked. Anything less than 8/10 will result in me pulling you across my lap, lifting up your little maids dress, and giving you a sound spanking - six spanks on your frilly white knickers, and then six more with your knickers tugged down to your knees.

Simon's humiliating maid's uniform
I bet his sisters not only loved poor Simon's humiliating punishment, but made sure he had to keep bending over to pick things up, so that his frilly knickers were constantly on view!
Tenting is an absolute no-no, of course, and Simon should be reporting it himself, or make a diary note if no-one is around.
I'm sure Simon's mother will not tolerate tenting, and that if he persists in such unladylike behaviour he will soon find himself in either a little cage, or maybe even a nappy and baby knickers under his little maid's dress.
Of course his sisters will never give him higher than an eight. They enjoy having a sissy maid too much, and watching him being punished.
But when his punishment starts he doesn't know that. Part of his punishment is the injustice of him working SO hard as their maid, and yet still being given a 6 out of ten.

After a few days he realises quite how hopeless his situation is.
(12-25-2019, 08:15 PM)satin_sissy_lisa Wrote:
(12-24-2019, 06:54 PM)Bonzodoug Wrote: Of course his sisters will never give him higher than an eight. They enjoy having a sissy maid too much, and watching him being punished.

I imagine it will be even more embarrassing for Simon if he tents his knickers as Mummy spanks him and his sisters are looking on. The poor boy can't win. His sisters humiliate him making him pick up things of the floor in their bedroom, and his knickers showing, then Mummy spanking him for only getting a 6 out of 10 from his sisters, and now they look on at him being spanked and tenting his knickers too.

Exactly. He can’t win. From now on, every situation he gets into will reinforce that he is now under the control of his mother and sisters. For ever.

I'm imagining the fun his sisters will have as they realise how the power has shifted to them.
How they will give him extra tasks for extra marks.
How he begs them to give him an eight, and they always find reasons not to.
Or how they tell him that this time they will, only to renege and give him 7 anda half.

Of course this will colour their view of males in the future, when they understand how easily tricked they are, and how much fun it is to be in control.

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