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Strange Feelings
Hi All,

I made a new image on my blog that highlighted the way that when one's skirt is not tucked under your bum, either because you're not used to doing that yet, or more embarrassingly, because your skirt is too short, that you can feel the surface of whatever you're sitting on through your knickers and on the backs of your thighs.

This is something a boy (usually) isn't used to, having normally at least underpants and trousers (and more than likely jeans) between him and whatever he's sitting on, and started me wondering what other strange feelings (discounting the obvious intense embarrassment and humiliation) you've all discovered on your various petticoated journeys.

For example, I find the way female underwear is (a) tighter and more fitting, and (b) often sits much higher on the waist, to be something I notice almost all the time if I'm wearing it, and I never get used to it.

Ok, over to you...

I always found the way my leotard, during my years of ballet and tap class, would ride up my bum crack both uncomfortable and at the same time exhilarating, knowing that it happened to the girls as well. I would put my index finger in the leg hole and pull the leotard back into place the same as the girls. This made me feel so girly.

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