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Hello everyone I want to say that I am sorry to you all. I have not had a lot of free time lately and because of that I have had no time to write. Soon I will have free time again and will be able to write tons more. Before that happens though I want to ask my readers which stories they would like me to finish first. Sometimes when I get into the sissiest of moods I can over extend myself. Once my sissy side takes over and gives me ideas that’s it. So, that being said which stories would you all like me to write first?
Apology not necessary !
Participation posting even reading material at PDQ is under no contractual commitments !
Carry-On when you can - will be glad to read comment on anything in due time !

Now get back to work - the beatings will continue until the morale improves ! LOL !
Hi Sissy Nicole,

You are sweet to let us know about your schedule. We have missed you.

Pick what you like to write about the most.

We will be happy no matter what.

If you need a tiebreaker, go with your latest- Turned Sissy by Girlfriend.

In petticoats and permed curls
Miss Kimmi
I must agree with Maitresse Yvette-Louise...we understand that you're busy and cannot write all the time...your followers appreciate when you can and look forward to your next installments, but no pressure!

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