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Sissy Poops etc.
Sandra was with her current Lover. I slept naked with Evan, a fellow Sissy. We were very Naughty.

 Laura and Elaine woke us by squeezing our tender Teats. Eliciting screams and farts. The statuesque teen Beauties wore sheer blouses, pleated miniskirts, strappy black stilettos. Nothing else.

 They Marched us a-tiptoe to the dual-use Sissy Bathroom. It's "invigorating" to have a hefty girl's rubber-gloved middle finger fully UP your rectum! 

 The young Ladies held our penises at the Bidet. Admiring our daughters' thick bare calves, luscious feet & toes.

 Laura and Elaine are ~6'5" in strappies; Evan and I, 5'6" barefoot.

 We sat on adjoining Sissy Toilets trying to Poop. Leered down pensively.

 Evan was first. A loud splash, followed by furious farting. I did likewise. Several times.

 The girls wiped us. Then across their laps for a terrific spanking.

 We hiccup-sobbed as they bathed us.

 Minimal Primping and pigtails.

 I'm 38. My large, deeply-clefted Fanny has cellulite.

 Sandra is sending me to a Sissy Hospital in Germany.


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