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Sandra's Sissy
As noted, Sandra began as my Babysitter.
  My Mother and sister went to a week-long Domina Convention in Miami.

  I was barefoot naked, 5'6". Titties still Blossoming, Fanny still Blooming.
  Sandra just started high school. Three+ years younger.
  But fully mature. Tall, statuesque, thick-bodied, strong.
  Over 6 feet tall in black strappies, pleated miniskirt, cotton blouse. Nothing else.

  Sandra flung me over her shoulder, carried me to the Sissy Bathroom upstairs.
  Bent hands-knees for a 2.5 liter Enema.
  I pooped plenteously. Sandra wiped my fanny, then took me across her lap for a terrific spanking.

  Thru torrents of tears, I leered at her large luscious feet & toes, sexily arched & bunched in strappies.
  I hiccup-sobbed as she Bathed me. Flagrantly erect.

  Sandra kept me naked in fluffy mules the entire week.
  I removed them for daily airings in my Sissy Stroller.

¬† ¬†¬†    
Every FLS male and Sissy tiptoes (or crawls) barefoot naked to women and girls for frequent spankings. Terrified.
 Barely pubescent, he received treatments, medications, and Injections in Sissy Clinic.
 Giving him an extremely large, deeply-clefted, ultra-sensitive yet resilient fanny.
 At the very time his serious spankings commence.

 Now you might think, over time, after countless fanny blisterings, he'd be inured to them.
 Sadly not. 60-something men sobbing across girls' laps is common. Often, granddaughters.

 I had a Tantrum recently. Shoe shopping with Laura. I was, naturally, nude.
 She took a Spencer Spanker from my Sissy Purse and ...

 Here's a Sissy and sister

¬† ¬†¬†¬†    

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