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Seduced by your friend's mother
"I'm afraid John is away with his father this weekend, Ali," she says. "But why don't you come in and we can get to know each other a bit better? John has told me all about you."

You hesitate, but she is insistent.

She offers you a drink, and you ask for a cup of tea, but she returns with two glasses of wine. "I thought a boy of your age might prefer a glass of wine," she says, and you feel it would be impolite to refuse.

After a third glass she shows you a pair of knickers from a pile of laundry on the side. "Do you think these knickers are pretty, Ali?" she asks.

You blush, wondering where this conversation is going. "Um, yes, Mrs Robinson. Yes, they're very pretty," you stammer.

"Would you like to put them on for me, Ali? I'm sure you'll look very pretty in them."

Confused, embarrassed, but somewhat turned on by the powerful presence of your friend's mother you gingerly nod. "Come with me, then, and let's get you dressed," she says.

She orders you to strip naked before handing your her knickers to put on. When you're standing there in her knickers she can't help but notice the little bulge in the front of them. "It seems you like my knickers," she smiles. "Would you like to try on some more of my lingerie? Come on, don't be shy. Lots of boys your age like the feel of silky girly things."

Before you know it she's dressed you in a pair of hold ups and one of her baby doll nighties. "You might as well try on a pair of my high heels too, Ali. Would you like that?"

Unable to resist her you meekly nod.

"Now wait there, and I'll be back in just a minute."

When she returns she's naked. She strides confidently over to you, pulls your knickers down round your knees and kisses you full on the lips.

"Doesn't that feel nice?" she asks, and you urgently kiss her mouth.

Thank you for posting this. This was so erotic.

And after the lingering kiss,

"Yes. it does feel nice. So do your knickers and your baby doll nightie."

The beginning of a wonderful dream...

Miss Kimmi
I love that not only has he been put into lingerie, but that he has had his knickers pulled down to his knees. So he's wearing girly frillies, but still has a naked bottom and privates.

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