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Baby Breakfast
Hi everyone.

Despite being in Adult male clothing, I had a "Baby Breakfast" this morning. I put on my PVC Nursery-Print bib and sucked my dummy whilst cuddling my big, soft brown, cuddly teddy-bear, Bruno.

I had mashed up some "Weetabix" breakfast cereal in an  orange, plastic bowl until it was the consistency of porridge. Using a plastic spoon, I fed myself, uttering a few "Goo-Goos" and "Ga-Gas" as I did so. Despite my male clothing, I felt totally babyish and infantile.

It was a great way to start the day!  Smile
That's a lovely thing, Leslie.

How come you weren't in your nappies and baby knickers for your breakfast?
Hmm, I really need to lose my chubbyness (not too much though, chubby is sorta good for a naughty AB like me). I might get baby plates and bowls and cutlery and put my food on them to control serving sizes Big Grin

And have them cut up... and maybe sometimes have to only use my hands, like um, if I'm eating spaghetti...
Being strapped into a high chair is one of the most deliciously humiliating things I've ever experienced.

The strap usually comes up between your legs, so your baby dress is caught up and lifted so as to expose your nappy and baby knickers, and there's no way to escape because the tray in front of you is locked in place.

So you just have to sit there, with a frilly bonnet on your head, in a little baby dress, with your frilly knickers on show, and be spoon-fed baby food. And of course 'nanny', or 'Mummy' makes sure that she feeds you so quickly that you can't eat it all quickly enough, so it goes all around your mouth and dribbles down into your bib.

And then you get punished for being a messy baby, even though it really wasn't your fault.
Normally I have two weetabix in Disney Heart Shaped bowls - see the 4 in the dishwasher!

Today I'd run out of milk so I had to have Farley (Heinz)  Baby Porridge in my Barbie bowl and Barbie beaker.

Of course I was still in my overnight nappy but I'd put on some baby clothes.

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Adult Baby looking for Nanny/Mummy/Friends

Also suffer from ME/CFS so if I'm slow to post it's because I probably don't have the energy

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