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Turned Sissy by Girly Girl Best Friend
Lovely pictures- definitely a Nicole rather than a Nick. Not that he needed much persuading.  Big Grin
Wow, that Jenny is fantastic at her work.
Cant wait find out Nicole and Mom meet.
Chapter 16
I can’t see my mom like this! “Pipe down we are almost there! I don’t know how you think this is avoidable at this point.” Please Amy I will do whatever you say I promise but we can just keep it private. I’ll be as girly as you want me to be in private! “Ha! What good does that do me? Number one you are already doing whatever I say. You always have for a matter of fact! Number two this isn’t going to be private. It’s going to be public! Very very public! Now get out of the car we’re here.” I stepped out of the car in my heels and I winced due to the pain. Amy can I please take off the heels? “No! You need to get used too walking in them. You’ll be wearing them everyday.” Amy you don’t even wear them everyday! “Yes that’s true but I’m not as girly or prissy as you are. Now get inside your mother is waiting for your grand entrance.” Yes Amy I said and I walked into my house and listened too the click clack of my heels on the hardwood floor.

“Wow look at you! I can see why you want to be a girl. You look very pretty!” Mom please you have too listen to me I don’t want to be a girl! “Oh Nicole you don’t have to play that game with me. I’m your mother, and me and Amy just want nothing but to be supportive of you!” I didn’t think that their was anything I do at this point. Amy had been filling her head with crap for what could have been years now. “Now follow me sweetie I have a few surprise for you.” My mother lead me to my bedroom and I struggled walking up the stairs in my heels. I was shocked when I saw my new bed room. Everything and I mean everything was pink. Princess pink to be exact! My mom opened my closet which displayed my new wardrobe and it was filled with dresses and skirt and high heels and everything in between. “Well do you like it?” I was at a loss for words and I couldn’t say anything. Amy then said “oh look she’s too happy to speak.”. My mom loved that and said “That’s great and guess what I have one more surprise and she will be here any minute.”
Nick’s new life is now very much complete - 100% girl 100% of the time. Looking forward to seeing the big unveiling of his surprise though.  Wink
FYI - Your post a few minutes ago - Chapter 15 should be Chapter 16
Chapter 17
Click clack click clack click clack. “Oh she here! You will love this so much Nicole.” I high doubt that I would I thought to myself. I hated everything else that has happened here. I was then greeted by a tall skinny blonde women who walked through my front door with multiple suit cases. “I see you must be Nicole the boy who wishes to be a girl.” I wanted too tell her something else but I also noticed a riding crop sticking out of her purse. What on earth was she going to use that for? She had on a black frilly blouse and a knee length black and white pencil skirt. She topped it all off when tan heels and a tan purse. Yes I want to be a girl I said fearing the riding crop. “Nicole this is Miss Fritz a women who teaches mannerism and speech too girls like your self. She will be living with us the next few months while she trains you.” Oh god I didn’t like the sound of any of this. She looked very strict and very demanding. I don’t really need much training I said.

My mother, Amy, and Miss Fritz both laughed their heads off. “You need and ample amount of training! You can barely walk in those heels and you sound like a boy. Plus you don’t walk or stand like a girl! However, I do admit that you are pretty but that’s not enough. So your mother called me here too train you in such matters. I expect total obedience out of you! You will call Miss Fritz at all times! Any infractions at all and you will be stricken by my crop. Understand?” Yes Miss Fritz I said as she scared the crap out of me. “Good now take my bags up to the guest room and then report back to the living room!” Once again I struggled walking in the heels as she carried my bags.

(04-05-2021, 05:52 PM)BABYLOCK Wrote: FYI - Your post a few minutes ago - Chapter 15 should be Chapter 16

Thank you for telling me that. I’ll switch it around when I have a second!

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Delighted mom is very supportive. Mom knows best. Ecstatic about Miss Fritz.
Chapter 18
“Why do you say we start right now.” Miss Fritz said too me after I was done moving her bags and I was in the living room with the rest of them. Yes Miss Fritz was all I could say as I feared her riding crop. “Good answer! Amy and your mother will watch from the couch. Tonight we will focus on your walking and posture it’s quite poor.” I nodded my head and look at Miss Fritz who I thought was very pretty and very well dressed. My penis expanded a bit as I made the observation. Oh no I thought to myself. I think I have a crush on Miss Fritz. “Show me how you walk right now in a straight line.” I walked the same way that I have been all night and without warning I received a wack with the riding crop. It hurt like hell, but it caused my penis to expand even more. Once again I was told to walk but with smaller more graceful steps. Wack! I received another one which caused it too expand once again. Oh god I liked being cropped by Miss Fritz!

The cropping however did its job. I did as Miss Fritz asked out of fear of being cropped by her once again. On the other hand I quite enjoyed it as well. I was beginning to take smaller and smaller steps in the heels. “Mince! Mince!” I then learned how to mince as my dress flowed and bounced by my knees and my tiny penis was fully expanded in the panties. Amy and my mother watched on and applauded as I did my mincing for Miss Fritz. “That’s enough for tonight as you made a bit of progress. Now I would like you to show me to my quarters.” Yes Miss Fritz!
Love it, straight in there with strict training.
As intimidating as Nick might find Miss Fritz, she is in reality exactly what he needs and this process will be all the more painless longed term for her intervention  Big Grin

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