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Turned Sissy by Girly Girl Best Friend
So delightfulsissy nicole
First ever boner and inside panties and tights too. You will always relate to having a boner in future when you wear these. And if you ever have your first sissygasm too, then it will be game set and was for me.
This is so intriguing. First boner not until age 16?

And while wearing panties and a girl caressing you?

How intense that would be.

And your boner is tiny.

I can't wait to hear what Amy says next!

Miss Kimmi
I had my first orgasm while wearing my sister’s school uniform knickers, a pair of tights and her pleated netball skirt. I think that explains a lot about what I like to wear now (although I am not allowed orgasms in my school uniform knickers now).
Chapter 8
So why happens next? “We will see over the next few days. You will either develop or an attention to girls or guys or like I said you will become attracted to girls things.” I hope that doesn’t happen. “It wouldn’t be that bad if it did. Although it can become very over powering if not pleased. You would need to please yourself at least once a day.” What would happen if I don’t? “You don’t want to see what would happen, but you would risk penis shrinking away to nothing.” Oh come on Any there’s no way that would happen! That’s not even possible! “You don’t think so huh? Well I guess you’ll wait and see. Also there’s one more thing. You will need to find a girl to fall under control to.” What why? “Like I said your urges won’t let you not think about it if it doesn’t happen. Don’t worry so much about that. I’ll keep you in line. You’ll be under my control.” Well I trust you. You wouldn’t do anything crazy. “Of course not but it would need to happen.”

“Okay let’s get out of my room now and go watch tv or something. “ Okay I said and I made my way to put on my pants. “You can’t wear pants right now. You have to appease the girl gods!” Oh come on Amy you can’t truly believe that! “It doesn’t matter if I believe it or not, but ask yourself. Do you want to be under my control and masturbaiting to girls outfits?” No I don’t Amy. “Okay so you’ll have to wear one of my skirts for now! Here!” Amy handed me a pink flared out skirt to put on and did. I felt so silly to wear it and it felt weird to wear but oddly freeing.

Chapter 9
“Look at you in your skirt! How does it feel?” It’s not that bad and it feels very freeing. “That’s good the girl gods will be pleased! Now let’s go watch some tv and be sure to keep your eyes open.” What do you mean? We will be watching tv of course my eyes will be open. “What i mean is that pay attention if you feel attracted to anything.” Okay I’ll pay attention Amy. As we watched tv I didn’t feel anything toward anyone or anything. Until Amy started commenting on some of the outfits the girls were wearing on tv. “Look at her dress! It’s so beautiful! I always like to imagine myself wearing stuff like that! Do you ever do that?” No Amy of course I don’t! “That’s good that you don’t. If you did it would be alarming.” After she said all that I did look at the dress and I decided to think about what would happen if I wore that dress, which was a bad idea. The more I thought about wearing the dress I began to also think about Amy making me wear it. Before I knew it i began to sprout another tiny boner and I was very scared. But I decided to not tell Amy and I thought about other things.

After a couple of hours of tv Amy asked me. “Did you feel anything?” Nope nothing yet Amy and I did feel bad that I lied. “Okay let’s do another test then. Let’s go up in my room and use my computer.” We both ran up stairs and she had my sit down. “Okay so first we will do a test. I’m going to put some porn on the computer and you’ll tell me if you feel anything and after a little while I’ll pull up google images and type in girly girl outfits. You’ll look at those for a while and see if you feel anything.”
Pleasing the girl gods would be such an incredible feeling.

That first skirt- is this the first step towards life as Sissy Nicole?

I love Nick being tested seeing girls' outfits on TV and now the true acid test with porn and how he reacts.

Miss Kimmi
Chapter 10
After watching an hour or so of porn I could sadly say that it did nothing for me. Actually I found it pretty disgusting and that alarmed me that I thought that. “Okay time for the next test. I’m going to bring up a whole bunch of women’s outfits on google and Pinterest that you will browse through for a couple of hours.” Amy the left the room and left me alone to scroll through everything that she gave me. I was looking at tons of pictures of women in skirts and dresses. Some were pictures of different purses and heels and various nail polish designs. Then everything all changed after seeing this outfit. The women was wearing a tight skirt and a blouse that went perfect together. She also had on these brown heels that topped off the whole outfit. I don’t know why this outfit did it for me but it did. It sent tingles down to my penis as I imagined about wearing the outfit and Amy forcing me to wear it. The thoughts were very strange but extremely inviting. Before I knew it I had another tiny boner and it felt amazing. I left the the picture to see if it would go away but not no avail. It was like the picture unlocked something and now I was attracted to all of them in some way. I couldn’t let Amy see me like this.

I stood up from the computer to see if my boner would go away but it wouldn’t. What was worse is that the skirt was so tight it wasn’t even hiding it. I heard Amy coming back upstairs and I was scrambled to get rid of it. It wouldn’t go down and then Amy walked into the room and looked right at my crotch. “I see it happened. My worse fears have come true. Your a sissy! The images proved it! You need to be put under my immediate control.” No Amy it was the porn! I switched back! “No it wasn’t I know that porn didn’t even interest you at all, but all those outfits did. This is the start of a new beginning for you. Your my sissy now! Your Amy’s sissy!
What a great story so far Nicole, please keep it "up" and can't wait
Becoming Amy's Sissy has so many possibilities and is so delicious. I hope she likes seeing Sissy Nicole in the skirts that enamor him.

Miss Kimmi
Chapter 11
I’m not so sure that we should jump to conclusions Amy. “We are not jumping to anything. You failed the test is all. You are a sissy and you need to be under the control of a female.” What does being under control come too? “ Simply just doing whatever I ask and falling me around. I mean it’s basically what you do anyway. If you really think about it you’ve been under my control since the first time we met.” What are you talking about? We are friends. “ Of course we are friends but let’s be honest you follow my lead already. I’ve basically turned you into a girl friend. This is just the next step. Your now my sissy.” I don’t want to be a sissy. I just want to be a normal boy. “I’m afraid that it’s not possible. Your life is now purses and skirts.”
A life of purses and skirts, and being turned into a girlfriend, would make most any boy shudder in horror.

Why do I anticipate that Sissy Nicole is not "most any boy?"
In petticoats and permed curls
Miss Kimmi

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