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Turned Sissy by Girly Girl Best Friend
Chapter 1 

So, I guess I’ll start from the beginning. My name is Nick and I want to talk about my best friend Amy. I’ll first say that she is a great girl and a great friend, but I didn’t realize that through out the years she subtly feminized me. It took me a while to realize it but I didn’t know how much she changed me. My mannerisms were girly and so was the way I spoke. My outlook on life had a girlish view to it also. It took my by surprise when I did realize that she steered me easily into this direction. We are both adults now and I can’t believe we’re my life is at because of this friendship. 

I’ll start off telling my story in high school. When I first met Amy I thought that she was beautiful. We were both sixteen and I remember what she was wearing. She had on a tight pencil skirt that ruffled out on the edges with heels and a cute blouse and a nice belt. She had long black hair and amazing green eyes. I remember the moment exactly and it wasn’t a great one. I was getting bullied over something stupid. It might have been over my small frame but I can’t remember the exact reason why. Amy saw the altercation and stepped in. “Leave him alone! Why do you need to pick on a smaller boy?” The bullies laughed and one told me” you really need a girl to defend you?” I felt ashamed even though it worked and they left. 

Thank you I told her and I introduced my self. “No problem and my name is Amy.” She was beautiful I thought to myself but I didn’t tell her that. Instead I went with a safe compliment. I like your outfit I told her. “Thank you so much! I put in so much time this morning. Normally guys would never notice. I’m knew here and don’t know anyone. What do you see we become friends?” And she extended her hand out to me and we shook on it. From that moment on we were glued at the hip.

Chapter 2
In the coming weeks after that mine and Amy’s friendship continued to blossom. At this point we were best friends at school and had most of the same classes together and we always tried to partner up and work in the same group if that was a factor. It was great having a friend like her even though the conversations we did have were more feminine. She always asked my opinion on her clothes and what I thought of some kind of make up or nail polish and I always did try to give my best thoughts. In a way I did look up to her just because of how much confidence she seemed to have. It was something that I wish I had also but just didn’t.

After about a month or so of being friends mainly at school Amy had asked me to go over to her house after school and I was excited. This was the first time someone from school had ever asked me to hang out . Obviously I agreed and we went to her house right after the last bell rang. Her mother seemed like a nice lady and made us some snacks and we went up to Amy’s room. “Normally my parents don’t allow me to have boys over but because it’s you they agreed. They are even going to let me keep the door closed.” She said. For some reason what she said didn’t ring any bells in my head or make me feel bad. Looking back on it now it should have. If she thought I was any thing close to a real boy her parents wouldn’t have let me in her room especially keeping her door closed.

That afternoon we studied and did our home work and it was fairly normal until Amy asked me something. “Hey Nick? Have you ever painted anyone’s nails before? Mine are really bad and it’s hard to do by myself.” I was shocked at her question. Of course I haven’t I told her. “Well would you be willing to try? I can teach you!” Wanting to please her I agreed that I would try. “Thank you so much! First you need to remove what I already have on.” She taught me how to do that and while it was hard the smell of the remover was awful. Next she wanted to me to paint them pink and she taught me the technique which wasn’t all that hard and Amy seemed really happy. “Do you want me to paint yours?” Any am I boy I can’t have panties nails. “Well maybe not finger nails but I can do your toes. No one will see them! Please!” Reluctantly I agreed and she began. At the end of the night I went home with pretty pink toe nails.
Wow! Off to a great start with lots of possibilities (autobiographical?) for classic tale. "... I didn’t realize that through out the years she subtly feminized me. It took me a while to realize it but I didn’t know how much she changed me. My mannerisms were girly and so was the way I spoke. My outlook on life had a girlish view to it also..." is a great premise: the reader watching each chip hammered away at whatever male ego the hapless male possessed, until She has created the sculpture of Her dreams, a Feminized male.
Chapter 3
Having pink toe nails made sure that I always had to wear socks even when sleeping just in case my parents came in my room for some reason. I can’t believe that I let Amy do it but it seemed to make her happy and made our friendship grow even more. We were spending a lot of time together at school and not just during classes. We ate lunch together and spent all of our free periods together. I listened to all her girlish thoughts and ideas and made sure to give in all my input. Even when she started to talk about boys that she thought were attractive. Which did hurt me but I knew it also made her happy. After all how could she find me attractive? I was just a super short skinny boy who lets his friend paint there nails. I didn’t exactly radiate masculinity.

Now that I think about it later in life. I now find our friendship one sided. I did everything for Amy and I never asked anything of her but she asked me for everything. A couple of weeks after the nail panting experience the time for singing up for school clubs was here. I was actually really excited for this because they had a computer engineering club which was perfect for me. Especially because the school didn’t offer a normal class like that. During the sign up day Amy came up to me raving about a fashion design class which involved a lot of making your own clothes. I was happy that she was excited about something for her. I told her about the club I was planning on signing up for and she frowned.”I thought that you would be doing this with me? Everything in the club has to be done in pairs.” I didn’t know what to say but did another mistake which led me down the road to further girlification. Well I’d really love to take my club but if you need me I’ll take fashion design for you. Without giving it a second thought or offering to find someone else Amy said “Of course you will your my BFF! Thank you so much I’ll go sign us up.”
What a great feminized beginning for Nick in Chapters 1-3.

The thought of being allowed in a girl's room with the door shut is incredibly emasculating.

Dad allowing Nick to be with Amy because he's not that kind of boy.

No, he's not. While Dad doesn't say it, Dad is thinking that Nick is a girly boy, and harmless.

I can hardly wait for the next chapters!

In petticoats and permed curls
Miss Kimmi
Chapter 4
Needless to say I was not to excited about taking the fashion design club. On the other hand Amy was very happy that I had agreed to join the club with her. While I wasn’t happy about taking the club I was happy about spending more time with Amy. After all how bad could this club really be? It’s not like it’s a class and I can leave whenever I want.

It was time for the first day of the club and I wasn’t to excited for it. Especially since the new call of duty came out today and I could be playing. “Welcome to fashion design” surprisingly in the club it was only me and Amy and the instructor. I was confused at why there was even an instructor for a club. It’s not like this is going to effect our grades or anything. “So you both are interested in fashion design?” “Yes ma’am we both spend countless hours talking about clothing!” “Countless hours? Female clothing? I’m surprised most boys never think about girls clothing.” “Oh yeah Nick loves girls clothes. He always compliments my outfits.” “I see. Nick have you ever worn girls clothing?” What?!!? Of course I haven’t! “He’s let me paint his nails before!” Amy! That’s private! “What’s really private these days? Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Miss Johnson and I’ll be the Instructor for this club.” Instructor? This is a club. “A graded club Nick. This will be on your report cards.” You didn’t tell me this Amy. “I thought that you knew!” I was suddenly very nervous.

Chapter 5
“So before we actually start to make clothing we will have a discussion about it. We will first talk about what we prefer. So tights, stockings, or pantyhose which do you both prefer?” “I prefer tights Miss Johnson. I don’t care much for stockings.” “And you Nick?” I don’t know Miss Johnson I’ve never worn any of those. “Hmm I believe that we have reached a problem. I think I’ll be giving you some homework. Before our next meeting I want you to have tried on each of them.” I can’t do that Miss Johnson! Those are girls clothes. “Your point is? Girls wear boys clothing all the time. Amy can even help you.” “Yeah I have all those in fact my parents are gone this weekend and you could stay over and try those on.” “Perfect idea Amy! It’s settled then. By the next meeting I expect you to have worn all 3 or else you will receive your first failing grade.”

Amy how come you didn’t tell me that this was graded? “I’m sorry but I honestly thought you knew!” And tights, stockings and pantyhose? I’m not doing that! We will lie and say that I wore them! “We are not doing that! I’m not going to help you cheat! You will stay over this weekend and wear them and that’s final!”

Chapter 6
I couldn’t believe I was letting this happen we me and Amy walked to her house after school that Friday afternoon. Amy did your parents leave already? “Yeah they left this morning.” Oh I said a little bit deflated as I thought that Amy’s dead might want to give me a long speech or something like that. I’m surprised that they didn’t want to say anything to me. “Why would they? I explained to them all about you. I told them that your my little girlfriend.” Omg Amy you didn’t tell them that? “I did and what’s wrong with that? Your special. Now come on let’s get to work on our homework.” I felt embarrassed and very defeated and I I can’t believe that’s how Amy decided to describe me. Her little girlfriend?

Amy I’m not sure about this. Can we please just cheat? “I told you no. I can’t do something like that and honestly it’s not that big of a deal. Okay so tights first? I was thinking that we could break it up in days? Tights today and stockings tomorrow and then pantyhose Sunday. Just so you get accustomed to each of them. I have a pair of black tights I would like you to wear. I’ll help you out them on so take off your clothes.” I can’t do that in front of you! “Sure you can we are girl friends! I promise I won’t say anything!” I slowly but surley took off my clothes. “Omg nick you have like no body hair!” Is that bad? “No that’s great your like me! Now underwear too. You can’t wait boxers with tights and you can wear a pair of my panties.” You didn’t say anything about panties! “I thought you would know that Nick! Come on take them off!” I did just that and I felt really embarrassed as I introduced her to my one inch penis. She looked down and smirked. “Perfect! Your the perfect size!” I am really? “Yup you should be proud. Okay first is the panties.” They were pink lacy and silky and I slowly took them and slid them up over my waist. “Omg you look darling! Now let’s put on the tights, so sit down on the bed.” I did just that and Amy showed me how to roll them up my legs and I slid those above my waist. “Perfect perfect! Okay we are all done you’ll wear those until tomorrow.”
The spider's web continues to expand. Nick, though, was ensnared long ago, even if he didn't yet appreciate that at the time.

One question hanging relates to Amy's motivation for bringing Nick into the world of femininity.

It will be interesting to learn of her end game as the story evolves.

Miss Kimmi
This is soooooo kewl! Oh, if only to be BFF's with Amy!
I can just hear Sissy Nick (Nicole?) squeal when Amy says that she told her parents that he is "my little girlfriend."

And now "you're the perfect size" when Nick puts on Amy's panties.

The emasculation continues with each and every step.

How much boy even remains?

Miss Kimmi
Vicariously imagining myself in Nick's (high heeled) shoes, haplessly sliding down the Feminization rabbit hole, so enraptured and willing yet so unaware of what is happening.
Chapter 7
I don’t like this Amy. “Well it’s the assignment from Miss Johnson. If you don’t do it you know you will fail the club.” I know I know. I just don’t like this they feel weird and I shouldn’t be wearing your panties. “Well you don’t have your own obviously and I’m sure that they at least feel good. I enjoy wearing them so you must.” Well they don’t feel bad I said. “ See? I told you they are nice. Frankly I’m surprised that you don’t have a little boner sprouting” Well I’ve never had one before I admitted and why would I get one? “You’ve never had a boner? Your sixteen how is that possible? And if boys wear panties they usually get boners. I can’t believe that you’ve never had one. Aren’t you attracted to girls or boys?” I don’t know I thought that it would have happened by now but it hasn’t happened. “I think that I could give you a boner if you would like to experience it, but it may have an adverse effect.” What do you mean? “If I give you a boner while wearing panties then after that you have a chance that you won’t be attracted to boy or girls. You could become attracted to panties, skirts, tights, dresses, purses, leggings, nail polish, and all girls things.” I don’t know if I should take the risk, but on the other hand I would love to experience it. “Then it’s going to need to happen. Stand still and I’ll rub your crotch.” I stood still and waited with anticipation as Amy put her hand over my penis and rubbed it through my panties and tights. Suddenly it happened and it felt so good. I had a tiny boner in my tights and panties.

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