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Chastity devise that will stay on?
Just a couple of thoughts here. I've been wearing and using some style of chastity for around 19 or 20 years at this point.

I purchased a DD Machinery full steel belt some years ago. It was fine for a beginner belt, relatively inexpensive and mostly concealable. The only problem was the fine chain link that was used in it's construction. My wife said I was to crafty and could easily pry the links loose, have my way with myself and re-attach the links and no one would be the wiser. And she was correct in her thinking.

We tried the CB series when they first came out, and while they were all kinda', sorta' comfortable enough, we all know their limitations.

We currently use a couple of stainless steel devices. One is very, very short, and one is a bit longer. While there are those who claim these are nothing but toys, for us they work to perfection. They both came with anti-pullout spikes and urethral tubes, and they most certainly work as advertised.

The urethral tubes are very flexible and soft. They absolutely, positively, prevent me from pulling myself out. They work. I use Mineral Oil for a bit of lubrication to ease it inside me.

One word of caution regarding the tubes - after a year or so, the tube material may lose it's ability to cling to the fitting's. In my case, the tube became dislodged and was free to slide inside. Fortunately, it didn't go very far and I was easily able to retrieve it. I was very lucky here gang, it could have become a major Emergency Room issue.
In short, the tubes need replacement every now and then, and I have not been able to find a suitable replacement as of yet.

We use the anti-pullout spikes now for security. In short, they work. They work very, very well.
There is no possible way for me to slide out and masturbate.
It just ain't happening.

They are not for everybody. The spikes will eventually work themselves into the flesh of the penis over time, if not careful and it will require close monitoring during use. Even then, you will need to remove it every few days - not only for a thorough cleaning, but for an inspection of all parts involved.
It takes time for for a callus to develop at the base of the penis where the spikes do their work. In my case, it took 3 or 4 months of on again, off again use to grow a callus there, but it was worth the effort.

I have become an expert at using my fingers and plenty of hot soapy water to keep myself clean down there. It does require the removal every week or 10 days for a look at things and a more thorough cleaning of the cage and male parts.

Again, for us the cages work as advertised. Nothing is perfect, and even with a full steel wrap around chastity belt, with enough stimulation and desperation, a male can still achieve an orgasm.

This is my opinion and experience with these things, nothing more, nothing less.|null
(02-10-2021, 02:18 PM)sissyblueballs Wrote: . . . . . . . . .

Nothing is perfect, and even with a full steel wrap around chastity belt, with enough stimulation and desperation, a male can still achieve an orgasm.

This is my opinion and experience with these things, nothing more, nothing less.

If you can come in a full belt, then it isn't fitted properly. The reason a full belt makes it impossible is two-fold: the sheer mass which reduces the effects of a vibrator and the damping effect of the torso it's fitted around. Properly fitted, no commercial vibrator should be able to induce enough effect for the wearer to achieve orgasm.
Don't knock it if you haven't tried it.
After trying a few steel ones, we have settled on a plastic manscape device. It's much more comfortable for ultra-long term wearing, it's the best I've found for staying in place and not gradually falling forward, and you get a selection of testicle rings, rather than having to second guess which one you need. The separate section to close the ring, and then attach onto the penis cage is quite ingenious too.
(08-09-2020, 11:00 PM)Paulette the Tart Wrote: Babylock has the only real answer - a proper belt, not a tube or cage style device. In comparison, they're just toys. A proper belt - and beware the cheap ones - will be made to measure but with some adjustment still possible, will be comfortable but totally inescapable and impossible to defeat with a vibrator, something you can easily do with all tube and cage style devices including ones held on by a piercing or incorporating a catheter. If you're worried about mess when going to the loo, get one with twin rear chains or a single rear cable which can be pulled aside. As for detection under clothing, my My-Steel Transformation belt is less visible than a cage and if you're worried about sports, I ski in it and the ski tows aren't a problem. I've also worn it for 47 days straight despite being intact but that's thanks to my own design of tube behind the front shield which allows me to get pre-diluted liquid soap into the top of the tube. Normally, you should be let out for a proper clean every week, two at a push.

Don't waste your money on a succession of toy devices, invest in a proper belt.

Must support your point of view. Cages are not secure. Its toys or lingerie. And in case of tight cage, there is a risk for lack of blood circulation. The possibility of pull out and unwanted masturbation is bad. Good belt doesnt give any chance to fall down to masturbatory sicknes. And its safe for helth and long term wear.
We have tried a good number of chastity devices over the years but none of them have really been satisfactory. There are some devices that do work but they are simply too bulky and expensive to be practical (though clearly some people are happy with them). The issue has always been that a flaccid penis can be squeezed down to a very small size and worked out of the back of the ring (or whatever fixing method is used). One option that does work is a PA piercing but I really did not fancy that. 

I know this wont work for everyone as it wont work for anyone who has been circumcised. Whilst I didnt fancy a PA or similar a foreskin piercing seemed to be a lot less of an issue. Although it is not a common piercing it is actually a very straight forward one, if you no longer want the piercing it will heal up with no issues. Healing time is just about the quickest for any type of piercing. There is absolutely no doubt that the best and safest option is to go to a professional piercer, genital piercings are surprisingly popular. They will have the proper equipment, clean working environment and experience. Badly done piercings can lead to infections. All that said I did my own. If you decide on this do do lots of research and buy the proper kit (cannula piercing needles are essential), do NOT use sewing needles and make sure you do lots of post piercing cleaning and care.

For the squeamish it really did not hurt, nor was there very much blood. If you choose the right spot the skin is quite thin with not many blood vessels (thinner than an ear lobe, belly button let alone things like nipples), there was less discomfort than having a blood test (what discomfort there was came from stretching the skin around the piercing spot) and much less than a vaccination. The oddest thing was seeing two cannulas stuck through the end of my willy which shortly afterwards had two metal rings attached to it (I used 16G/1.2mm, 12mm dia, hinged segment rings, set in the lower front middle about 5mm apart). Aftercare was straight forward, saline solution a couple of times a day and leave to heal properly for 4 to 5 weeks.

The piercings will not take stress without causing injury so they cant be used on their own to simply secure your birth defect out of harms way. What I have done is bought these little locks. These enable even very flimsy chastity devices to become secure. They work best with the type that has a sheath with holes at the sides such as this one, though other types should be perfectly useable too though some might need additional holes drilled. The wire is threaded though one hole, then the two rings and out the other hole before being pushed into the lock. The lock itself can squeezed into the sheath along with your dicklette (dicklettes are easy to squeeze into small spaces), this keeps the lock out of the way but also means that the fairly low security lock is not accessible. The device can then be closed in the normal way. The piercings are not under any sort of strain but the wire threaded through them prevents any attempt to manipulate a flaccid penis back out of the sheath. This should work even with some of the cheaper "toy" type cages available, some of these are more comfortable to wear but pointless as sold as they dont work.

If anyone wants more details I can try to sort some images though not sure the best way to post them (prefer not to join dodgy sites)

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