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The final
When I was a kid I was quite a big football fan. One year my team got to the FA Cup Final, and I was very excited about seeing them play. I was even more excited when my mother said we were all going to go to Aunty Jane’s house to watch it with family and friends.
When we got to Aunty Jane’s house there were already loads of people there, including some boys from my class at school. I was looking forward to watching the game with them.
After a short while Aunty Jane asked for silence to tell everyone what the plan for the day was.
“The men and boys,” she said, “can watch the game in the sitting room. Ladies – we’re going to open a bottle of prosecco and have a good old gossip in the kitchen. And for the children – we have a special treat for you! Please welcome…Snow White!”
As she said this a girl appeared from the next room. Although I was only twelve years old I could immediately see how pretty she was, and I wondered how much her appearance was for the children, and how much was for the men and boys. She was SO pretty!
Aunty Jane continued “So, ladies, let’s go to the kitchen and open that prosecco! Guys – you’ve got the sitting room to yourselves to watch the football, and children, Snow White wants her seven dwarves!”
I made to go to the sitting room with the men, but Aunty Jane stopped me. “I’m sorry, Ali,” she said, “but Snow White needs her seven dwarves. And we’ve decided it’ll be the seven youngest who play with her. There’s your sister Lucy, and Becky and Helen. And then there’s Ben and Jamie (my three year old cousins, both still in nappies) and David (who’s five). So you’ll have to be her seventh. But I’m sure you’ll have a lot of fun with her.”
I was distraught. I so wanted to watch the game, but now it looked like I was going to be made to play with the little kids, while the other boys watched with the grown-ups. They smirked at me as they went off to the sitting room..
And then things got worse for me. I’d worn my best trousers in anticipation of sitting with the grown-ups. Aunty Jane took my arm and said “I’m not sure what Snow White has planned for you children, but I wouldn’t want your smart trousers to get dirty. Maybe we should find you a pair of shorts. What do you think?”
I was about to protest, but then my mother interjected to say “I think that’s a good idea, Ali. We don’t want you getting your trousers dirty, do we? Let’s see if we can find you a pair of shorts to wear.”
They took me upstairs, to Becky’s room, and told me to take off my trousers. I reluctantly did so, and my mother then put them on a hanger. I felt so embarrassed standing there in just my underpants, as my mother and aunty looked for a pair of shorts for me.
Aunty Jane found a pair of Becky’s shorts, and made me try them on. It was so embarrassing. The shorts were towelling, with high cut legs. And my underpants were the long legged style popular with boys at that time. My pants stuck out a couple of inches below the shorts.
“Oh goodness me!” exclaimed Aunty Jane. “That’s no good. We’ll have to find you a pair of longer shorts."

But once again my mother interjected and added further to my humiliation. "Or", she said "he could wear different underwear. Does Becky have any knickers he could borrow?"
Oh Ali, please continue!

Surely the little lad gets to at least take a glance at the Cup Final in his girlie shorts and knickers?
Know thy self, sissy.  Don't whine, don't pine, learn to expand your mind.   
Excellent story so far Ali, but you absolutely have to continue it! And as Lisa says, obviously being a girl, Becky will have plenty of knickers - the question is which ones will Aunty Jane and your mother choose for you to wear?
Mummy made me take down my shorts and my underpants while they looked for a pair of knickers for me. I stood there naked from the waist down, my hands covering my little boy bits.

I hoped against hope that Aunty Jane would laugh off the suggestion that I be put into a pair of Becky’s knickers, but of course I was disappointed.

“Well,” she said, “let’s have a look.”

They looked through Becky’s knicker drawer before settling on a pair. “How about these!” said Aunty Jane.

I cringed at the thought of putting them on, but my mother seemed delighted. “They’re perfect!” she exclaimed. “Snow White knickers for his afternoon with Snow White!”

Mummy held out the panties for me, and I had no choice but to step into them. She pulled them up and patted my bottom once the panties were in place. Aunt Jane smiled at me and told me how cute the knickers looked on me, but I couldn’t wait to get the shorts back on to cover them up.

I went back downstairs and joined the rest of the children. Being by far the oldest it was already humiliating being part of their group, and having on what were obviously girls’ shorts made me feel vulnerable and humiliated.

But the other kids were so excited about playing games with a real-life Snow White that it would have been far worse to continue to protest. I looked over my shoulder at the men and other boys getting ready to watch the cup final, and meekly accepted my fate.

We went out into the garden to play our games.

I tried to join in, but I felt so miserable not being able to watch the cup final that my heart wasn’t really in it. Added to that my embarrassment at being made to wear what were obviously girls’ shorts I must admit I wasn’t really enjoying things.

Snow White took us out into the garden and made us play some games. The little kids seemed to be loving it, but it all seemed so childish I almost couldn’t bear it.

Lucy and her friends wasted no opportunity to tease and humiliate me, and before long my patience ran out, and I pushed Helen over. It was really nothing, but she burst into tears and the other girls gathered around to comfort her.

Snow White called me over and asked me what I thought I was doing. I had no real response and she told me I’d been a naughty boy and deserved to be punished. As I stood beside her with the children looking on she told me to take down my shorts so that she could spank my bottom.

I felt wretched. All the others were far younger than me, and yet here I was being punished. And on top of that I knew I had girls’ knickers on which I dreaded being revealed.

Snow White put her fingers inside the waistband of my shorts and pulled them down. Even she was surprised to see I was wearing knickers.

“Oh my!” she said. “I didn’t know you were wearing panties, Ali. And aren’t they pretty? And so appropriate – that’s a picture of Snow White, isn’t it?”

I meekly nodded, and she smiled. “But,” she said “you still need a spanking for being a naughty boy, so let’s get you across my lap for your spanking, and then we can concentrate on having some fun.”

She put her hands on my shoulders and gently but forcibly pulled me across her lap, and I lay there, with my shorts round my ankles and everyone seeing my knickers, and she proceeded to smack my bottom.

The girls and boys watched on as I suffered my humiliating fate.

Here are the knickers I was made to wear, and what Snow White looked like.
As a twelve year old boy I would have loved to be over Snow White's lap for a spanking.

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