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I'm Emma\Dave is like to introduce myself as I was excited to find
this site as my introduction to all this was different to most I would think, I was 11 years old when a female teacher wouldn't let me go to the toilet and I set myself the teacher took my trousers and pants off and out me in a skirt out of lost property as you can I imagine was lots of laughter and I was very embarrassed but had strange butterflies im n my stomach when I got home I told my Mum what had happened she thought it was funny I said I enjoyed it don't know why she said I can arrange for me to feel like that again and she dressed me in her psnties,tights and mules a bit big for me and then invited my aunt's and cousins over was humiliating in front of them but was awesome too, over next year mum had me dressed in front of friends so all at school knew I had plenty of spankings while dressed in private and witnessed and was dressed in public too but without wig and make up,most will think why would I want this done I still don't know but I'm pleased my Mum enjoyed it as much as I did,now I'm an adult and after being married grown daughters I'm back at home with mum and it's come full circle as I dress at home I still get spanked and we have family over who were really shocked but are getting used to the idea even my daughter's day if I'm happy then they are too ,would love to chat with others in here please as I love all aspect of petticoat punishment even tho I love it it's still very embarrassing
Hi Emma!

Welcome to the Forum. Thanks for joining!

And also thanks for introducing yourself and telling something about your background.

So back home with Mum and dressing with her. You seemed so excited writing this. We'd love more details on what life is now like with your Mum and your relationship with your daughters.

Petticoat punishment can be incredibly unnerving, I know. Yet, we always want another opportunity, don't we?

I can't wait to hear more. Have fun on the Forum!

In petticoats and permed curls
Miss Kimmi
Welcome Emma, Welcome! What an incredible story! Happy to hear you've come full circle and continue to enjoy your family's involvement in you petticoat discipline.
Welcome Emma and thank you for that great introduction! I think you'll find much to your liking here at PDQ forum and many like-minded people!

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