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tv mistress saying hi.
(10-23-2019, 05:54 PM)madammistess Wrote:
(10-23-2019, 05:29 PM)sissyjamieanne Wrote:
(10-23-2019, 05:23 PM)madammistess Wrote:
(10-23-2019, 04:46 PM)sissyjamieanne Wrote: Good day Madammistress...Welcome!  I’m so glad You’ve joined us...I hope You’ll find much to Your interest here.   Looking forward to hearing more from You and about You!

Most Respectfully,

sissy jamieanne

what would you like to know jamieanne
Oh!  I have no specific questions at this time Madam...I just meant I’m looking forward to Your contributions to our lovely group...

I just went to view Your photos on Flickr, but it sad that Your photos haven’t been made public...

Most respectfully,


if you sign up and friend me I will accept. as a mistress I love to be worshipped and have my sissy maids do everything around the house  when guests come around the maids are either left on display as living dolls or bound tightly to there beds as not to get into trouble.
Of course...than You, Madam!

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