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Daddy looking for his daughter and or bride
Hi im a retired daddy, live alone,no family adopted at birth . Now retired and live on my non working farm 
In Kentucky. What am i looking for ?
Well the sexiest looking sissy on this earth ! But most are taken or not into men of my age !
Seriously i would love to have a sissy live with me.
Own room if she wants.
Lots of travel that is my weakness well one of them !
 You will need to email me to find out my sexual weakness !
Im not worried if your young or old fat or thin .
Im looking for honesty and someone on my wavelength.
Ask for my email  if interested
Welcome to the PDQ Forum, Daddy David. And thanks for posting (a few times) after joining.

I am not your candidate, simply an interested bystander, as I happen to be married and have family and a job.

Your post is really sweet. I hope you find the nice sissy you are seeking.

I also hope you continue participating here. It's great to have active new members!

In petticoats and pemed curls
Miss Kimmi
hey, I emailed you again, sorry for losing touch
Hi Daddy, what a dream come true. If You are still interested I would love to be taken into consideration. Thank you

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