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Being as natural as possible
This is my favourite section of the forum, as it often has the posts which are the most "natural"

I like the idea of dummy and nappy discipline, but I prefer it to be as close to what could really have happened, if a mum decided to nappy discipline a boy (or even a girl)

So, i do not like sexual implications (even erections), or butt plugs, enemas etc.  I do not like special spanking paddles, simply because no mother would really do that - she would use her slipper or something.

Of course others will disagree and that is fine, I just wonder if there are more like me?
I like what you have to say. This is nowhere near a sexual experience. Or even with all the other devices used. To me, it is about being punished, non-abusively, for any misdeed. I have misbehaved, and I have endured cotton diaper/plastic pants punishment for a full week. I'm here to tell you, I learned my lesson right away!
It's like being told, you haven't grown up enough yet, and need to find out why.
Even a spanking isn't necessary.
Having to sleep in diapers and rubber pants, without permission to remove them under any circumstances, which I experienced only once, is enough to get the point across.
There was nothing sexual at all about my childhood punishments of being put back into nappies and baby clothes. It was all about the humiliation of being treated much younger than I really was, and, especially, being treated younger than my little sister (who's two years younger than me).

Believe me, there's nothing sexual about being made to come downstairs wearing a nappy and baby knickers, maybe with a baby dress on, or maybe with just a t-shirt on top, or a onesie, and having to face the squealing giggles of my sister and her friends.
I can not even imagine how embarrassing that must have been. Being the passive boy I was at the time, I'm sure I would just allow it to happen, but when the giggling girls would surround me, I would have nearly fainted. There have times, under different circumstances, when I have felt so embarrassed, I could my face turn hot red, and mind would try to escape from this real experience.
Thanks for sharing, guys!
It was incredibly embarrassing. I too was quite passive, and submissive. I had no choice but to let it happen to me. Resistance resulted in a spanking, not usually in front of my sister's friends, but often within their earshot. And then being put into nappies anyway. So when I reappeared red faced they knew full well what had happened.

I had to just brave it out. There was no hiding my nappy if I only had a t-shirt or dress on.
I have similar experiences too, it was never in a sexual situation but for the humiliation of the punishment. I had a defiant nature when I was young but the punishments of nappy discipline ended that and made me very submissive and passive. Like Ali my choices were to accept being nappied, even infront of my family or protest, get my bottom spanked and then get nappied. Evident to say I quickly learned to accept the punishment.
I think meekly accepting nappy punishment was kind of part of the punishment process.

When I first started being put back into nappies at the age of six, I'd only actually been out of them for just over a year. I was very embarrassed about still wetting when I was five years old, so it was a really big thing to finally earn my' big boy pants'. So when I was put back into a nappy again I was very defiant.

But being only six years old, of course, limits quite how defiant you can be. My mother would simply grab me, pull down my shorts and pants, pull me across her lap and spank my bottom.

Within quite a short time I learned that it was easier to just accept being put back into nappies and go along with it.

I always felt thoroughly ashamed of myself being so complicit in my own punishment. I felt wretched when my mother would tell me "As you're acting like a baby, Ali, I'm going to treat you like one. Go upstairs and get ready for Mummy to put a nappy on for you", and i'd trot upstairs to my bedroom, undress, and lie on my bed naked, waiting for my humiliating nappy to be put on me.

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