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Bedtime bliss
Hi everybody.

If there is one thing that I really enjoy,it's being snuggled up in bed, cuddling my teddy bear and sucking my thumb. (I love the warm, fluffy feel of a cuddly toy). I sometimes suck a dummy, although I prefer my thumb.

It's even better when I am wearing the following - a pink, fleecy, zip-fronted, all-in-one pair of footed pyjamas. when I am in bed wearing it, cuddling my teddy bear and sucking my thumb, I no longer feel like an adult. I feel that I have regressed back to childhood and have that wonderful feeling of security. A feeling of being safe and sound. In my infantile nightclothes, I sleep soundly. 

Does anybody else have the same feeling?  Smile
Oh yes! I also now find the small butt very comforting overnight.

The medium and larger ones less so - they tend to cause very lurid dreams!
...butt plug, obviously!
Oh yes, I do! But I like to have a nice thick nappy on with some frilly plastic baby panties.

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