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Hi there. I have fantasised about being an obedient and submissive ' maid ' to a dominant female for most of my adult life. I'm in my seventh decade . My beloved wife accepts my crossdressing, but I have never really come out to her about how the idea of obedience to a mistress turns me on. Sometimes I slip on my short pink tutu/ petticoat when I serve her tea in bed, but I hide the tutu under my dressing-gown. I cook, shop and clean, and I enjoy doing the laundry and especially hanging skirts, dresses and lingerie out on the line in the garden. I wish I could do it while wearing a skirt and top but unfortunately our next door neighbours have completed an extension which overlooks, so it's too risky  Sad Can't get the hang of ironing! Not really into the extremes of Dom/Sub myself but not judgemental, so long as it's mutually pleasurable. I think that while I would accept a dominatrix's right to administer ( moderate) corporal punishment, and I have fantasised aqbout being spanked, I would try my best to please her and be her good maid  Tongue Anyway, here I am .. Hi!
Welcome, ObedientPink!

Thanks for joining our Merry Band and for posting your lovely introduction. Everything you wrote is so interesting.

You are a lucky girl in that your wonderful wife accepts your dressing as a girl. When did you first tell her? What does she most enjoy seeing you wear?

Have a great time here. We are delighted to have you!

In petticoats and permed curls
Miss Kimmi

P.S. My wife knows and for some years participated. Now, she accepts my dressing in private when she is not around.
Hi Obedientpink and welcome! Thanks for that great introduction. I think you'll find lots of things to your interest here! It's great that you are doing those things that make you more subservient and make Her life easier...serving tea, cooking, shopping, might want to check out Youtube for tips on ironing...I've heard it said that "Youtube makes everyone an expert"!

Looking forward to hearing more from you and about you!

sissy jamieanne
Welcome ObedientPink! Always wonderful to hear how people live their dream. You'll find lots of interest here, i'm sure.
Thankyou Sissy-Ters Smile  I used to look in on the ' old format ' Petticoat Discipline Quarterly from time to time, but it's lovely to find that there is now this forum to chat with like-minded 'maids'  Shy
(10-14-2019, 10:46 PM)ObedientPink Wrote: Thankyou Sissy-Ters Smile  I used to look in on the ' old format ' Petticoat Discipline Quarterly from time to time, but it's lovely to find that there is now this forum to chat with like-minded 'maids'  Shy

I'm happy you're sissy maids, this forum gives us an opportunity to share tips to help us reach the top of our to maintain a uniform, proper appearance and dress, proper sissy deportment, the importance of the curtsy, housecleaning and serving tips, and lots more!  It's a great resource!

sissy jamieanne
The Forum is a perfect accessory to PDQ, it's fun to interact and compare notes. Always loved the site and this place is icing on the cake.
Welcome, Obedient Pink!

And no need to worry about being in your seventh decade - sixty something is the new forty something!

You're very lucky to have a wife you love and who indulges your fantasies, albeit not quite as much as you might wish. I'm sure you don't need me to tell you, but whatever you do, don't lose the trust and love you have.

Have you ever told her you would like to be spanked? In my experience some women are horrified at the thought of spanking a man, especially their husband, but a lot are quite turned on by it.

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