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Leggings and Boots Dream The AfterMath
Chapter 12
A day or so had passed since my event with amber and she hasn’t brought it up and neither had I. Hopefully Ashley doesn’t have a clue that it had happened. Today was the day of my first therapy appointment and I was a little bit nervous. Ashley decided to walk me to it but I tried to tell her that it was not necessary. “I just want to make sure that you make it there.” Ashley nothing will happen to me and it’s not like I’m going to run away I want to go to the appointment. “Maybe I should go in with you. I might able to help her figure this all out.” Ashley I appreciate you caring so much but you know that you can’t do that. I’ll tell you and Amber everything that happened when I’m out okay? “I don’t like it but fine. Good luck!” My appointment with Miss Chadwick went some what okay. She started off with asking me basic questions before we got into the seriousness of my issue. “You know Nick I’ve never heard of something like this happening before. Are you sure you haven’t always been like this? It’s okay if you have plenty of guys are just like you and are completely normal.” Miss Chadwick I swear that I have never had thoughts like this before this dream happened. “Okay well maybe we can try a few things to sort it out. What’s your friend situation like?” Oh well it’s great. My roommates Amber and Ashley are great and then there’s the girls from the study group. “All girls? Do you have any guy friends?” Sadly no. “This could be part of the problem. You surround yourself with girls all day. Listening to girlish conversations and most likely joining In yourself. Giving your input on which skirt is cuter than the other. This might be your brain trying to adjust in someway.” Could that really be the cause of the problem? “It’s some where to start but we obviously can’t be sure. Trying making some guy friends. Here I have these fliers. There looking for young men like yourself the join a frat house. This is just an idea but I would mull it over. The more time you spend talking about skirts and dresses the more your brain will want it. We will continue next week.” Thank you Miss Chadwick.

Chapter 13
“Well how did it go?” Asked Ashley eagerly as her and Amber awaited my arrival. Well she thinks that it started because of my environment. “Your environment?” Yes she thinks that I’m not around other guys enough and that being around only females has or could have led to this. She also gave my this flier and a suggested that I join a frat house. “This is complete bull shit!” “She’s a quack” “I agree with Ashley there’s no way In he’ll that only having girls as friends caused this. Join that frat house is obviously not going to happen it’s a no I’m sorry.” Hold on we haven’t even given her a chance yet and you can’t tell me no about that. Ashley spoke up “We can actually. I didn’t want to have to say this but if you even attempt to join I’ll tell everyone there what’s been going on with you. I’m sorry Nick but it’s a no. I agree with Amber.” Your blackmailing me Ashley? “Don’t think of it as that! I’m trying to keep you safe. Your far to gentle and well I don’t know got to put this.” “Your too girly. Those boys will eat you alive.” “Amber! That was harsh!” “I’m sorry but you know it’s the truth. You’ll be staying with us.” I can’t believe the both of you. “We are just doing it because we care about you. What else did she say?” She said if I stay in this environment it will only be a matter of time before I begin to enjoy talking about skirts and dresses with you. “Ha! I can’t believe her. I’m going to go to the library to try to research. Stay here with Amber.” Ashley walked out the door and Amber said “I think in some ways that therapist was right. Soon you won’t be just talking about skirts and dresses. You’ll be wearing them with us. Will start slow of course. Soon you will tell Ashley that you give up and that it’s time to give in.” Amber you can’t do this! “Oh I can! I will! Ashley won’t be able to save you. She will even join In. So will the girls at the study group. At your next appointment you’ll tell miss Chadwick that you give up and you want to be a girl. She will help it my cause too!”
Chapter 14
Please Amber don’t do this! “I don’t understand why you are fighting with me about this. You so clearly want this. I’m going to make you realize that you want this and that dream has awoken your true self. I promise that I will start slowly.” If you do this I’ll tell Ashley. “Ha! Go ahead! Me and Ashley have already discussed this in private she’s just to nice to tell you the truth.” Your lying Ashley would never do that. “You would be surprised by what Ashley has said about you.” Amber had just peaked my interest. What has she said about me? “Aha so I do having something that you want. Let’s make a deal. Try on a pair of my panties and leggings then I’ll tell you.” That’s a trap I’m not falling for, and not to mention I’ll never wear panties or leggings. “You say that not but just wait a couple days. Especially after you rate my outfits a couple of more times. Then you’ll get dragged down deeper and deeper.” I’ll stop doing it then. “Hahaha you can’t . In fact strip right now and rate my outfit.” I got a very hard erection at Ambers request and I dropped my pants for her. “See? Your already under my thumb and can’t resist. What’s my outfit rating today?” It’s a ten Amber your outfits are always a ten. “Good boy but before you get your reward form me your going to have to do a couple of things. Number one you’ll put one these panties behind me and number two you’ll put on these leggings and then maybe you’ll be able to get a release.” I...I.. “Step into the panties now Nick!” Yes Amber I trembled and I put on her lacy bikini panties. “See? That was easy.” This was the first time I’ve worn girls clothing in my life and after wearing the panties it was going to be so hard to stop. The panties felt so amazing on my body but especially my penis. I knew though that I couldn’t admit that to Amber. “Look who is now a panty boy.” What’s a panty bo? “ A boy who wears panties duh. Now for the leggings which I know you’ll love. I mean you jerk off to me wearing them all the time. Now put them on!” Yes Amber! “Wait actually beg me to wear them!” I got down on my knees only in my panties and begged Amber to wear leggings. Please Amber let me wear the leggings. “Okay but you asked for them!” I slid them up my legs and over ambers panties. I was amazed at how they felt. I knew this was bad. I should have never have done it but it was too late now. “Look who’s wearing panties and leggings but just a few minutes ago you said that you would never wear them. Guess that didn’t last long did it?” No Amber it didn’t. “Can I have my reward now? “No not today and you’ll wear those panties and leggings till Ashley comes back.”
Great story Nicole, I had friends in college named Ashley and Amber and they were as hot as these two sound. Keep "up" the great work
Chapter 15
I had to wore the panties and leggings until Ashley came back. Although I didn’t mind wearing them and actually enjoyed it I pretended I hate them the whole time. I didn’t want Amber to see that she had won. Ashley had finally came back from doing research and she said “Okay so book wise out library doesn’t have a whole lot on this stuff expect for a few books on cross dressing. However the internet had tons of websites and I figured out what you are.” Omg what am I? Is it fixable? Ashley sighed and frowned and said “Your what the internet calls a sissy and unfortunately it’s not fixable and you were most likely like this since birth.” A sissy? I don’t want to be a sissy! “I’m sorry Nick but don’t worry it said that sissies usually have tons of fun especially if they have a group of girls that would like the have a group sissy. You have me Amber and the study group. You can be our sissy.” Sissy? I thought I was your friend Ashley! “You are silly but your also a sissy and it did say that sissies need to be tamed or else that can get into serious mischief.” I don’t want to or need to be tamed. I haven’t done anything bad. “Don’t worry we will prevent it from happening. What do you say Amber? Would you like to tame a sissy?” “I would love to Ashley. What’s first?” Girls no! Please I’m not going to stand for this! “You don’t have a choice! Remember all the information we have on you. It’s time for you to submit and become our sissy!” I was scared and nervous now. Nothing bad will happen what could I possibly do? “You can do a lot like stealing a pair of panties from a girl, or jerking off in public because of your urges. You haven’t done those things have you?” No of course not! “Good so this is a good place to start. Get on your knees before me and Amber and declare yourself our sissy.” I...I can’t “Look at our outfits Nick you could be dressed like us if you simply do as we ask.” It was too great of a feeling to resist. I got on my knees and said I’m now Ashley and Ambers sissy.
Chapter 16
“Stand up sissy! Actually from now on you will have a new name in private. You will be called Sissy Nicole! You will address Ashley as Miss Ashley and Amber as Miss Amber.” Please girls don’t do this! I’ll do anything! “You already do anything and will continue to do so. This is very important in your life. You are a sissy and you need to be trained as such to be successful. We will start off slow. At first it will only be between us and then we will introduce you to the study group. After that you will go to class as a girl and we will change your name and gender here. You will go home during the summer as a girl and tell your parents that this is what you want. After college you will go on to be a successful young female on the outside but a huge sissy on the inside.” I couldn’t believe that this was happening why did I tell them my dream. If I had kept it to myself I wouldn’t be here right now. “I of course an still learning about all of this so we will be learning together. What’ do you think we should first Amber?” “The body hair has got to go and he should be in panties permanently. We also need to do something with that hair. We are lucky that it’s long.” Amber you said we would go slow. “That’s Miss Amber to you and this is going slow.” What will my parents say? “ Well you better think of something good. Okay Sissy Nicole time to go take a shower and get rid of that horrid body hair. “ Yes Miss Ashley and Miss Amber

Chapter 17
I stood in the shower alone feeling very upset with myself but also excited at the same time. I wasn’t a sissy was I? I couldn’t be a sissy if all this happened so randomly. Ashley seemed to think that I was sissy clearly. I already knew that Amber was going to try this but I didn’t think that Ashley was going to lead the way. Suddenly the shower curtain was yanked open and both Miss Amber and Miss Ashley was standing In front of me fully clothed and I was naked like so many of my fantasy’s. “Hahaha OMG Ashley look at how small his penis is.” “Omg Amber the internet is so right! I was reading that any guy that has a penis 3 inches and smaller is automatically a sissy.” I was getting so hard at the humiliation I was receiving at the hands of both of them. “Here Sissy Nicole this is a bottle of nair. Apply it and get rid of all that nasty hair.” They both left and yanked the curtain back and I began to apply the nair all over my body. After a while it begin to burn really really badly and then all my body hair went down the drain. I felt like a little kid standing there with no body hair. Is stepped out of the shower and all my clothes were gone and I had to walk into living area with no clothes on. I was still very hard at the humiliation from Amber and Ashley. They both cane into the living area and Miss Amber brought In the panties that she made me wear yesterday. Okay Sissy Nicole step into the panties and then we will let you get dressed.” Yes Miss Amber and I stepped into the familiar panties. I knew that I couldn’t resist at this point it was all too addicting. “Okay put on your boring boy clothes because we have to get to class.” Yes Miss Ashley and I stepped into the panties and went to put on my boy clothes. As we walked to class Miss Amber and Miss Ashley made me carry their books and purses to class and too walk behind them. I was getting weird looks from girls and boys alike as I did this and I was rock hard in my panties. Whenever I saw another girl I couldn’t help but wonder what kind of panties they had on. When we sat in class we sat next to the other girls in the study group and Ashley reached down and rub my penis through my pants and panties. She did this the whole class and it was so hard to focus.
What a wonderful story so far, Sissy Nicole!

I always wanted to go to slumber parties as one of the girls.

And here you are with a live in slumber party every night with Ashley and Amber as you discover what fun it is as a sweet little sissy girl!

Miss Kimmi
Chapter 18
I was on the verge of having a release in my pants and then class needed so Miss Ashley stopped playing with my penis. I was so hard that I didn’t know if I should get up. I know I was small but someone might see it or worse I accidentally cum in my panties. Miss Amber and Miss Ashley were talking with the other girls as I sat their obediently waiting. The other girls left and Miss Amber and Ashley said “Okay sissy books and purses we are leaving.” I got a numerous amount of weird looks again was we walked the halls of campus as I trailed behind them carrying all there stuff like a puppy. “So we have a surprise.” Said Miss Amber “Would you like to tell her Ashley?” “Sure. So, sissy Nicole Victoria’s Secret is having a huge sale on panties and bras this’s weekend and we are taking you. We are going to replace all of your boy underwear. It’s time to be in panties full time like the true panty boy you are.” Miss Ashley what if someone sees me in the store? “The you will tell them the truth that you are a sissy who is buying panties for yourself.” No Miss Ashley please that’s so humiliating. “Sorry but unfortunately humiliation is a key part of sissy training. It lets you girls know that we are in charge and it further confirms it. So, put our stuff down we are going to the mall.” I was so anxious in the car ride there. Maybe I should just jump out of the car and run? But where would I go after that ? Going into the store it’s self was so humiliating and all the store girls and women shoppers looked at us. We started to browse and Miss Amber and Miss Ashley had me looking through the racks as they stood back and watched. It wasn’t to long before a sales girl walked up to me “ Hi can I help you today?” I was nervous. Did they actually expect me to say that line? I know hat they did. Hi I’m a sissy and I would to buy a dozen pairs of panties for myself.
I have had that fantasy for years and always hoped the sales girl assisting me would be kind.

"Oh, you will look so cute in panties! Let's get you started."

And then she whispers, "Now, what is your girl name?"
That’s has always been a fantasy’s of mine too. Sort of why I tied it in to my story.Amber and Ashley aren’t going to let Nick off easy.
It's such a good story- thank you!

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