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Leggings and Boots Dream The AfterMath
Chapter 53
“Nicole! Come dear it’s ready!” “Don’t worry about this Nicole I’ll pick something out for you to give Emily.” I was very worried about that and whatever Amanda wanted me to try on. “Nicole it’s time to try on your new school uniform!” Uniform? Amanda this is college people don’t wear uniforms! “The housewife majors do wear uniforms. Boys and girls will wear the same uniform.” What is it? “It’s a sort of skirt. It’s called a tulle skirt and you will get one in multiple colors and wear it all the time while you are at school!’understood?” Yes Amanda. “While we are alone let’s cut to the chase. It’s miss Amanda to you! Be read your school file. I know that you are a sissy girl! Go out on your skirt and courtsey before me.” I couldn’t believe the Christmas break that I was having. The skirt was so frilly and I didn’t think I could wear this but I put it on regardless. I was under control of bother sisters and their mother. “Look at you dear a perfect sissy girl. Give me a courtsey!”

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How cute! I love the accompanying photo of that adorable tulle skirt- it just screams girly girl.

Now, will Amanda decide that she prefers Sissy Nicole as HER girl and her newest daughter, rather than as a sissy wife and partner for either Erin or Emily?

As the mom, Amanda may prove to be the wildcard!

Miss Kimmi
Chapter 54
“A perfect courtsey! You have been trained will. Perfect for me to take over!” What do you mean take over? “I mean what I said. I’ll be taking over and you’ll be under my command. Not Emily and not Erin!” Erin why would I be under her command ? “I’m not stupid Nicole. I know what goes on under my roof. I know that Erin is trying to steal you from Emily, but you belong to neither of them right now. I’ll decided who gets you at the end.” What about the girls at school Miss Amanda? “Amber, Ashley, Julie, and Katie? Don’t worry about them you don’t answer to them anymore. I have many pulls at the school and your dorm is being moved as we speak. You will love with the other housewife major!” I don’t understand how you are doing all this! “Don’t worry about it. It’s all taken care of!” What about my parents? I haven’t told them anything! “Don’t worry dear. This summer we will take a trip and explain to them your new place in this world. Until then you will remain with me!” This is all too much.. “What’s too much about it? I’m taking over training you and then I may give you to Erin or Emily. Right now I’m leaning towards Erin. She’s older an already established and could use you. I will be announcing this at dinner tonight! “
I love it!

After all, Mother knows best.

I am not sure who I am rooting for to win Sissy Nicole.

The thought of Amanda taking Sissy Nicole to meet with her parents is so enticing.

Hopefully they will embrace their lovable sissy daughter.

Miss Kimmi
Chapter 55
“Do you have all your tulle skirts dear?” Yes Miss Amanda I do. “Good girl! Everyday you must wear a different color to your classes and if you fail to do so you will be punished.” Punished? Miss Amanda I’m in college how could I be punished? “Well technically you are in college but you’ve been demoted from student to junior student due to your sissy status.” You can’t do that! “I can do whatever I want and don’t tell me what I can and can’t do! Or else! Understood?” Yes Miss Amanda. Omg junior student my parents won’t except this I thought. What are my parents going to say? “Don’t worry about them. Just worry about my approval. You’re in the position to be a housewife to either one of my beautiful daughters, which is a very prestigious position. Now when we get back to Erin you will say nothing of what I said. I will announce all of this tonight. “ I made my way back to Erin who bought a couple of gifts for me to give to Emily which I guess didn’t really matter at this point. “What did my mom need you to do with her?” She had me try on my new school uniforms and I showed her the tulle skirts in the bag. “Omg how very sissy of you! I can’t wait to see you in them. That might be a good idea for something to wear when your my housewife.” If your mom chooses you I thought. The rest of the trip was uneventful and we made our way home. When we got their to cooks had dinner ready and Miss Emily was by herself at the table. At the end of dinner Miss Amanda spoke “I have an announcement to make. I know that Nicole here is a sissy.” Emily looked shocked and Erin was pretending to not looked shocked. “What do you mean she’s a sissy mom? She’s a girl!” “I’m not stupid Emily. I already know everything. Nicole I think it would be best if you practice your courtseys at the head of the table while we have this conversation.” Yes Miss Amanda I said and I walked to the front of the table and started. Miss Emil was in a state of shock. “Your okay with it mom?” “Of course I am. Do you know how many sissies I’ve tamed in my day! More then you could imagine.” “I had no idea.” Said Erin. “Oh be quite I know of you trying to steal her from your sister!” “Erin! How could you?” “Mom I didn’t know such thing!” “Oh stop it you girls know that I know everything that happens in my house and school. Emily considered your ownership of Nicole over. You friends at school already know!” “Mom! That’s not fair you can’t do that!” “I can do as I please and I decided that overtime I will decided which one of you gets her as a house wife. Right now I’m leaning towards Erin!” “What mom? Why? I found her, and she tried to steal her!” “She’s older and more established than you are!” Erin had a smug smile on her face but knew better then to say anything. “How will you be judging us mom?” Erin asked. “I’ll be watching at how well you control Nicole and among other things. Erin you will be moving to the school and be one of the department heads for the housewife major. Your business can wait and Emily you will have plenty of access to her!” “This is so unfair!” And Emily got up and left the table. “Well Erin I guess Emily forfeits her training for tonight so your in charge tonight!” “You heard her Nicole let’s go my heels need to be arranged and polished and don’t look up from my boots.” Yes Empress Erin. “Empress ha no! You will be Miss Erin and of you win then and only then can she call you that.”
Chapter 56
OMG Miss Erin how many pairs of heels do you own? “Three hundred or so maybe more. I expect them all to be polished and organized my color. This will be an important task once you are mine permanently.” I wouldn’t jump the gun on that Miss Erin. Your mom just said that she is leaning towards you. “You need mind your own business and get to polishing. Sissies shouldn’t talk that way to there owners and don’t need to concern there sissy heads with important matters. Your head should be filled with skirts and nail polish. My mother will also make the the right decision. Emily is not mature enough for you. She just stormed out at dinner like a little girl.

I actually felt really bad for Miss Emily because I knew that she also really cares about me. However, on the other hand she did force me into a long term relationship. Which seems to be a theme in her family because their mother is now doing the almost the same thing. The polishing of the heels took forever but I was eventually finally finished and I was allowed to go to bed.

The next few days leading up to Christmas was rather chaotic. Miss Emily and Miss Erin were both given an equal amount of time to take ownership of me as Miss Amanda looked on. If I had to guess Miss Erin was still in the lead as Miss Emily seemed somewhat uninspired but I think that was still because of her mothers ruling. It didn’t really sink in how much Miss Amanda truly did control me until I saw Miss Emily Hand over the key to my chasity tube to her. God how I wanted a release and wondered if I would ever get one again but until then I would just wait and obey. I felt like I was living in a fantasy’s land as I thought about everything that had happened over the last few months. From the dream to the girls at school to being firmly controlled by the women of a very prestigious family that I had no escape from.
Amanda very deliberately spins her spider's web to further ensnare Sissy Nicole.

How fascinating that she told her daughters that she has tamed so many sissies.

That had to make Sissy Nicole squirm even more.

It's going to be an intriguing Christmas for our sissy girl.

I can only imagine the pink presents awaiting her under the tree.

Miss Kimmi

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