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Leggings and Boots Dream The AfterMath
Chapter 27
“When the girls get here you will courtsey to each of them! Understood?” Yes Miss Amber I said. I waited in front of the door in my skirt like a good sissy. The door swung open and In came the study group. I was in awe the girls outfits were almost hypnotic to me. All of them in black leggings and boots of course. Some had on hoodies, others sweaters and scarfs that matched the outfit. I was definitely ready to be dominated. Welcome to the study group girls! And I courtesied for them. “Wow Amber and Ashley great job . When you said he was a sissy I was just expecting a boy in a dress but she’s a girl.” “A girl in training Emily remember that. She has not graduated to girl yet.” “Interesting so what’s the long term plan?” “The long term plan Emily is to turn her into a girl until she can no longer go back.” “So what’s stopping her from just not listening to you guys?” “A good question. Well one being that she can’t. If she doesn’t do as we say and leaves us we will tell the whole school about her. Number two is that she fucking loves it. She is sexually turned on by every move we make.” “I guess that’s why she’s a sissy. So, what do you need from us?” “As I explained already to dress like that everyday and too help us train her. There won’t be much studying tonight girls. She needs to learn how to walk in heels!”

Chapter 28
It was way harder then it actually looked. It took my hours but I eventually mastered it and the girls looked pleased. “Good job sissy Nicole!” Thank you Miss Ashley it was hard but I’m proud of myself. “So now we need to handle another matter.” Yes Miss Amber? “Your clothes! You don’t have any girls clothes so we will probably have to go buy a whole new wardrobe.” I don’t have money for that! What will my parents say? “Well what will they say when you come home looking like that?” Miss Emily spoke up “ I have some old clothes that she can have. I know sizing won’t be a problem because of how petite she is?” The other girls also said “Yeah we all have old cast offs let’s just give them to Nicole.” “Did you hear that Nicole? Looks like you got out of another jam. However, you’ll have to come out to your parents eventually! So, tomorrow you will go to each of these girls dorms and collect the clothing. You will owe them one task each for this in return!” Oh yes Miss Ashley thank you so much girls! “Don’t thank us just yet! You don’t know what our tasks will be!” “Okay girls thank you for coming tonight! You will see sissy Nicole tomorrow!”
Chapter 29
Today was going to be a humiliating day I thought as I put on my skirt and tights. The first stop was Emily’s dorm which was across campus. I wasn’t walking with Miss Ashley or Miss Amber and I was a little nervous as I walked and heard my heels clicking. The sound made me feel like a huge sissy and like I was under complete control of the girls. I knocked on Emily’s dorm room door and it didn’t take long for her to answer. She was wearing black leggings and brown boots of course but she also had on these white boot socks that glittered at the top. She had on a tight fitting light red and blue stripped sweater. Her long blonde hair was style in French braids. She looked very pretty and I began to get extremely hard while I stood before her. “Hello there sissy Nicole I’m glad that you made it. I have a lovely amount of clothes that I’m willing to give you but before that I believe that you owe me a task.” Yes Miss Emily whatever you desire I will do for you. “Anything I desire?” Yes Miss Emily “I’m going to sit down on my bed and I want you to take off my boots and then put them back on!” That’s it just once? “Oh no not just once until I tell you to stop. This will teach you to be submissive to me just like the other girls.” Yes Miss Emily whatever you desire. She sat down on the bed and I began doing what she asked. I unzipped her boots one at a time and slowly took them off. After that I put them back on her feet one at a time and pulled them back up and zipped them into place. I did this over and over again and I couldn’t figure at exactly how this would make me feel submissive toward her. I already did feel that way. However the action of doing this what extremely exciting as I did it over and over again but she never told me to stop and I was wondering how long I’ve been here. “Okay you can stop but now it’s time for another task.” Miss Emily excuse me but I thought it was only one task for each girl. “That might be what the girls said but I want to have some fun with you first. You see Nicole. I’m a bisexual girl and you Nicole fit the right profile! The best of both worlds! I can picture taking you home to my parents in the summer. What do you say to that?” I shook nervously and said whatever you desire.” Yes that is what I desire! It doesn’t matter to me if that’s what you do not desire. So my task is that you save yourself for me. I know you are a virgin and you will remain that way and when this is all over you will choose me. Now take your clothes and go to the next girl!” Yes Miss Emily and I courtseid and didn’t know what to think as I left.
The thought of being feminized and having a girl like Emily being sexually attracted to me- the best of both worlds for her- is so intense and wonderful.

I am sure Sissy Nicole is floating on pink clouds after hearing her intentions to take her virginity.

What a good story!

Miss Kimmi
Chapter 30
The walk to Julies dorm was long enough to give me some time to think about what Emily had just told me. It was very exciting that Emily did desire me in a sexual way but scary the way she declared it. She can’t just order me to save myself for her? Could she? That’s when I found myself knocking on Julies door and it didn’t take to long for her to answer. She was dress simply but hot just the same. She was wearing black leggings and black boots and a simple school hoodie. “Well well so the sissy had arrived.” Hi Miss Julie what task do you have for me today? “A simple one for a small sissy such as yourself. I would like you to tell me about the dream that you had.” That’s it? You just want to know about the dream? “Yes well I want to know what dream has the power to turn someone into a girl and too develop a gigantic fetish for one outfit.” I don’t have a fetish! “It sounds like it to me. Jerking off to girls wearing black leggings and boots. Your owners telling us we can only dress like this to train you.” It’s not a fetish! “It is what if I told you that I could go get 3 of my friends to come into the room right now dressed like me and you could masturbait too us while we laugh at you? I bet you would love that? You probably fantasize about it all the time.” I...I would not like that. “You so would! Sadly your owners would get mad if I did that. So why don’t you courtsey and call my Miss Julie and tell me about the dream.” Yes Miss Julie and I did what asked. I told her all about my dream. “Omg you dreamed that? Hahahahahah! Your such a girly, fairy, sissy boy! Now wonder why we are training you! Tell me do you often jerk off to that dream? Don’t lie!” I have before Miss Julie. “I knew it! Do it now! Jerk off now!” I don’t know if Miss Ashley and Miss Amber would like. “Who cares? Your standing before Miss Julie! Do it!” I took of all my clothes and it didn’t take long before Miss Julie laughed at me. “Omg your that small! No wonder why you had that dream! Your a girl!” I started to stroke before her as she watched. “Stoke stroke it to me and that dream! Black leggings and boots everywhere! Becoming a girl just to wear the outfit! Stroke stroke stroke!” I erupted everywhere including on Miss Julies boots and she looked disgusted. “Omg on my boots! You will clean them and then polish them before you leave!”
Being told you are small is so emasculating for a sissy.

Yet so exciting, as proved to be true for Sissy Nicole.

Miss Kimmi
(10-16-2019, 02:07 PM)Kimmi Wrote: Being told you are small is so emasculating for a sissy.

Yet so exciting, as proved to be true for Sissy Nicole.

Miss Kimmi

Thank you so much for reading!

Chapter 31
What a humiliating experience! It might have been the most humiliating one yet. Cleaning my own cum off of Miss Julies boots and then polishing them while they were still on her feet. It took sometime but eventually I was done and she gave me the clothes and I was on to Katie’s dorm. Katie was the last girl that I had to see today and honestly I wasn’t expecting much. She was sort of a meek and timid girl and I sometimes wondered how she fit In with the other girls. When I arrived I was a bit taken back. She looked very pretty with her hunter rain boots that were a glossy black and her leggings. She also had on a long sleeved shirt and a black vest. Wow miss Katie I love your hunter boots! “Thank you so much Sissy Nicole I have a lot of them and I prefer the glossy ones. I have a pair of glossy pink boots. Want to try them on?” I was excited by her offer but I knew miss Ashley and Miss Amber didn’t want me to do it. I don’t know I’m not supposed to wear them. “Why not I have some spare leggings. We could play dress up? Amber and Ashley won’t find out! Come on put them on.” I couldn’t resist at this point. Yes Miss Katie. “That’s a good girl!” I put on the clothes that she offered me and I was in heaven! Thank you so much! This is so fun! “Aren’t the boots just amazing! You look great in them! Isn’t so fun hanging out together?” Yes it is Miss Katie. Miss Katie I don’t mean to get off track but aren’t you suppose to have me complete a task? “Your completing it right now! I don’t know if you’ve noticed but I’m shy and don’t have a lot of friends. Your task is to become my girly girl best friend! You’ll be the girliest of all girls! Just like me! Will play dress up! And do a lot of girly things!” When your not training with Amber and Ashley you’ll be by my side.”
What a great twist!

I would have loved having a friend like Katie who is shy (but seemingly intrigued by a girly guy).

Just being girly girls together would have been amazing.

Honestly, though, my dream would have been that Miss Katie falls for me, just as I am.

I know I am digressing, but that where your story took me in my mind!

In petticoats and permed curls
Miss Kimmi
Chapter 32
I had got all of the clothes from the girls and I was on my way back to my dorm. I thought about how in their own way each one of the girls was a tad bit crazy. Sure Julie was a little mean but was she the most sane? I wonder if amber and Ashley would allow me to be Katie’s best friend and date Emily. Some how I didn’t think that was realistic. Back to my dorm finally and I was hit with another shock when I arrived. Miss Amber and Miss Ashley had thrown out all of my boy clothes. Why did you girls do this without asking me?? “Excuse you we just did you a favor. You know the new rules only girls clothes. In case you forgot you are a girl! Not a boy!” “Now get on your knees before both of us and apologize for your childish out burst.” Stunned and feeling stupid I did just that. Miss Amber and Miss Ashley I’m so very sorry for throwing a temper tantrum. “We expect but that’s no way for you to act. We are your superiors and if we make a decision for you agree and courtsey. Understood?” Yes Miss Amber. “Good and I see you got all the clothes from the girls. Put them away and then we need to get you ready.” Ready for what? “For class tomorrow we have decided that your ready enough to go to class as a girl. It’s time to let the world know of your change!”
What better way to reinforce a boy's feminization than to ensure his wardrobe is all girl?

Or should I say her wardrobe?

A permanent change of name and gender references will also work wonders.

Miss Kimmi
Chapter 33
Terror would be the word that I would describe my feelings today. I didn’t get much sleep last night but it wasn’t because I couldn’t. Miss Amber and Miss Ashley had me up late drilling me on my girlish mannerisms, and I was very unsure if I could do it well. Click click click was the sound my heels made as I walked with the girls to class. Once again I felt very inferior and jealous as they looked so elegant in their leggings and boots. Miss Katie smiled at me knowingly and Miss Emily gave me a flirty wink. I only had a few weird stares which felt good. I knew that I was a very pretty girl but I think it was because some people might be recognizing that I am Nick. We all sat in class and I couldn’t help but stare at superiors legs cross one by one. Their legs still looked so amazing in their black leggings. When I left my staring stupor I looked up to the front of the class to find my professor staring at me. She finally looked away and began her lecture. Other than that class was pretty much uneventful and I thought that maybe I was worried for nothing. When class was over and everyone started to pile out I was standing with the girls when my professor signaled for me to come down and to speak to her. “Hello Nick? Or do you go by something else now?” I’m Nicole now. “Okay I’ll be sure to change your name on the roster. School administration did mention this to me but I still wasn’t sure if it would happen.” I just feel much better as my true self. “Well I’m glad Nicole and welcome. You look very pretty. Now I also need to discuss your grades with you. You have been slipping a bit. While at the same time it’s not a dramatic slip it’s still concerning to me.” I didn’t know I was doing that bad. “Your not doing bad your just not doing what you were. Is it the change you’ve made lately? Is the material getting harder?” I really don’t know and I put my head down sadly. “Now don’t worry I’ve assigned you a tutor.” She assigned me a tutor? Could she even do that? I appreciate that but I don’t think I need one. “Well that maybe so but I don’t think that you are in a position to say no to a woman are you?” Her question was a slap in the face. Wait what? “Do you feel like you can say no to a woman?” No I don’t. “Good then we agree. Let me introduce to you your new tutor my niece Emily!” Emily is your niece? “Yes she is and I’m sure you too will both get along. Introduce yourself and I really have to be going.”

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