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Leggings and Boots Dream The AfterMath
Such a great story, Nicole!  I really like where it's going!  Thanks for writing and posting it.  
Chapter 19
“A dozen panties for yourself huh?” Yes like I said I’m a sissy and need panties for myself which I repeated and said with maybe a little too much attitude. “Don’t get snippy! You can’t here to buy panties and you new my help, or should I go tell those two girls over there that you aren’t behaving?” Okay I’m sorry. Can you please hello me buy panties for myself? “Okay that’s better. Come one back for a fitting. Are we fitting you for bras also?” I’m not sure. “Why don’t you go ask your superiors and then trot back here.” I walked back and said Miss Ashley and Miss Amber should I get fitted for bras? They both giggled at the same time and Amber said “You might as well unless you want to come back another time and get humiliated again?” No! I’ll get fitted this time! “Good choice!” I walked back to the sales girl and told her I was also getting fitted for bras. “Okay come on back sissy. Get into a stall and I’ll pick out a verity of panties and bras.” She back with plenty of colors and different styles and none of them were your ordinary cotton panties. “Okay strip I need to take your measurements.” I’m not getting naked in front of you! “Okay I’ll go tell your owners that your miss behaving.” No don’t! “Then strip! And stand before me!” I took off my clothes and stood before a girl I’ve never meant before completely naked. “Well I can already tell that the front will be extra small! I guess what I read is true!” What are you talking about? “It’s said that all sissies have tiny penises and it’s true.” I got hard at her humiliating comment. “And that you sissies get hard from humiliation which I guess is also true.” She finally took all my measurements and laid out a whole bunch of different panties and bra styles. “So I’ve decided for you that you need more than a dozen panties. Two dozen is actually the better number.” There’s no way I’m buying two dozen panties! “Would you like to make it three dozen? I’m sure your friends would agree?” No! I’ll buy two dozen! “Good now get trying on and show me your favs afterward”
You don't need to be tiny to be humiliated by a sales girl's remark that you are.

I can only imagine.

Can't wait for Chapter 20.

Miss Kimmi
Chapter 20
I tried on style after style and each unique in there own way. I showed the sales girls which ones I liked and she said “Okay I’ll go put together a package of two dozen of them. Next is the bra fitting. I’ll be back to get you sized.” It wasn’t really a surprise but I was the smallest cup size and I didn’t like them at all. They were a pain to put on and it felt like they were chocking my chest. After what seemed like forever I finally had two dozen bras and panties and Miss Amber and Miss Ashley came into the back. “Okay sissy are you all set and ready to pay for your new underwear.” Wait pay? I thought one of you guys was going to pay for all this. They both laughed and Amber said “Why would we pay? I know your parents have you your own credit card. Just swipe it.” I can’t do that! It’s only for emergencies! My parents check the statement and I can’t have this huge charge from Victoria’s Secret come up on it! “Sounds like a personal problem!” Please Miss Amber and Miss Ashley please pay for these I’ll do anything! “I’ll pay for it all but for the whole weekend you have to be completely dressed up as a girl that includes hair, makeup, and nails !” Miss Ashley I thought you said we would be taking this slowly! I’m not ready to be fully dressed up like that! “That’s the deal! Either be dressed up for the weekend or your parents find out that your a huge panty boy! “ I didn’t know what to do. I wasn’t ready to be fully dressed like a girl yet but my parents couldn’t know that I was a panty boy. Unless I could think of a story to tell them. I’ll charge it on my card! “Okay your choice panty boy.” “Yeah it’s okay lots of boys wear full lace panties and there parents know about it.”Wait wait! You pay for it. I’ll dress up for the whole weekend! “Good choice Sissy Nicole!” I was really glad that I didn’t charge it because the total came up to $300and some change. “Okay time to go home and turn you into a girl for the weekend!”

Chapter 21
We arrived back to our dorm and I watched as Miss Amber and Miss Ashley threw away all my boxers and put my panties and bras in my dresser. “Okay sissy it’s time for your end of the bargain strip naked and then get on your knees.” I complied with them and I was in my panties and bra on my knees. “Beg us to turn you into a girl.” Pleas Miss Amber and Miss Ashley turn me into the girliest of girls. “Don’t worry Sissy Nicole we will. First off let’s dress you. Ashley pleas grab me a pair of black leggings, my brown riding boots, and a sweater of your choice. Are you ready Sissy Nicole you will finally be wearing the outfit of your dreams.” Yes I’m ready and I trembled with excitement and nervousness. Miss Ashley came back with the clothes and my penis was already fully erect. I took the clothes from Miss Ashley and I felt like I was in a dream and I slid the black leggings up my legs and my body was full of electricity. Next I put on the black and brown stripped sweater and a girlish cloud was creeping over me. Then came the black pleaded skirt that I put on over my leggings and the feeling was amazing. I felt like it was basically securing my fate as a sissy. I couldn’t wait as Miss Ashley handed me the brown riding boots as I sat down to put them on and zipped them up the back. The zipper felt so final as it locked the boots into place. I stood up and tried to hide my excitement that I was radiating. “Do you like being a girl?” I couldn’t help myself and I said yes. “Are you our girl?” Yes “Will you belong to the study group?” Yes! “Are you ready for your hair, make up and nails to be done?” Yes Miss Amber and Miss Ashley I’m ready.
Falling down the rabbit hole and there's no ladder or escape.

Can't wait for more as Sissy Nicole accepts her new lifestyle and learns to submit.
Chapter 22
After I was dressed in my dream outfit then came the make up. I was told to pay attention because eventually I would be doing this by myself everyday. It actually looked somewhat complicated to me so I was nervous about the idea of doing it by myself. After the make up was done Miss Amber focus on my hair and Miss Ashley painted my nails a pretty tan color. “Thank god your hair is somewhat long. Will get it girly somewhat fast.” Miss Amber strained it and let it hang down past my shoulders and she told me what I had to do to keep it shining all the time. After my makeover was done and I looked in the mirror I didn’t even recognize myself. I looked liked a college coed that was ready to go to class. I was so very hard at looking at my reflection and Miss Ashley lifted my skirt and said “this is why you are wearing a skirt. Will have to find some way to remedy this in the future. If you didn’t have the skirt on everyone would see your huge boner.” “Now Sissy Nicole tell us. Do you like what you see?” Yes I said. “Would you like this to eventually be permanent?” Yes! “So your next mission is to go to your appointment today with Miss Chadwick that we scheduled for you and tell her this is the new you. It’s time to get the ball rolling.”
Skirt time all the time?

And curls?

Sissy Nicole is going to be a girl!
(10-08-2019, 06:41 PM)Kimmi Wrote: Skirt time all the time?

And curls?

Sissy Nicole is going to be a girl!

I think that’s what will happen!
Chapter 23
I can’t walk across campus like this. “Of course you can. You look hot and above all else we are telling you to do something. Did you not declare yourself our sissy?” Yes I did Miss Amber but I’m scared and nervous. What if someone sees that in a boy? “They won’t like I said you look hot and your not a boy your a sissy this is your true self. Now go to your appointment.” Yes Miss Amber and I began to walk away. “Wait you forgot something. Now that your in skirts. We want you to courtsey for us when given a command.” I don’t know how to do that Miss Amber. “Try if it’s not hard.” I attempted a courtsey although I didn’t know if it was good or not. When I did do it though I felt incredibly submissive towards Miss Amber and Miss Ashley. “Not bad for your first try.” Can I do it again? “Yes you may.” I did it again and it was better this time and they looked pleased. When I saw how pleased they looked I felt happy that I caused it. The walk through campus was a nerve wreaking one. I thought for sure somebody would point out that I was a boy dressed as a girl but nothing happened. Finally o had made it to Miss Chadwick’s office. “Your not my next appointment.” It’s me Nick Miss Chadwick. She looked shocked and said “OMG what happened? How did you get like this?” I told her everything from me finding out that I was a sissy to the girls and everything that they have been making me do. “Well I must say you do look awfully pretty and I love your outfit. Although I don’t know why it didn’t occur to me that you could be a sissy.” That’s okay Miss Chadwick you couldn’t have known. “That’s where your wrong. I used to own a sissy!” I was completely shocked by what she had just said and for some reason I got a lot harder at the thought of her owning a sissy. “She wasn’t like you though. You are close to being an actual girl. She was a sissy through and through. Spending her time serving me and dressing in princess dresses and wedding dresses.” Sissies wear things like that. Your owners on the other hand have decided to dress you like them. Which is fine of course. You seem to enjoy it, but there’s no greater feeling for a sissy then wearing something frilly and girly. Tell me have they taught you to courtsey yet?” Yes they just taught me this morning before I came here. “I think you should practice some more, but when you do you will say yes Miss Chadwick” I knew In my head that I shouldn’t be doing it for her but I couldn’t stop. It also felt good to courtsey for her and I felt submissive towards her also. For the rest of the session I courtseid for her and said Yes Miss Chadwick.
Wonderful Chapter, Miss Nicole.

I love that you had to learn to curtsy.

The best part was Miss Chadwick remarking, "I used to own a sissy!"

That so excited me. I can only imagine being owned and wearing princess dresses and wedding gowns, with plenty of petticoats, naturally.

Perfect for curtsying!

Miss Kimmi

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