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I'm new here
I’m new here, so I thought I’d introduce myself.
I’m a 48-year-old heterosexual male, married, with 3 small children. Although I was never petticoated as a child, I have enjoyed cross-dressing ever since I tried on my sister’s leotards when I was 8. I went on to try on my mother’s knickers and tights, and then more of my sister’s clothes. When I had my first orgasm I was wearing my sister’s school knickers, a pair of my mother’s tights, and my sister’s pleated netball skirt.
I don’t go out visibly cross-dressed in public, but I often wear knickers and tights under my male clothes. I am lucky enough to have a wonderful wife who understands my need to wear girly things, and she indulges my fetishes when circumstances allow. My favourite outfits to wear are my girl’s school uniform and associated PE kits (particularly netball kit and ballet outfit). My wife doesn’t keep me in chastity, but we do sometimes play tease and denial games using the honour system, which I find delightfully frustrating.
Hi Bhuna,

What a wonderful introduction! Thank you.

I know you have already posted comments a number of times since joining earlier this month.

It's great that you have an understanding wife who indulges your dressing and desires for girly things.

Please keep sharing.

Miss Kimmi (also married but kids are now grown)
Thanks, Bhuna, it's always nice to hear of someone with a supportive Spouse. And we simply luuuuuv to hear about everyone's experiences, you are sure to find a lot in that regard as you explore this place.
Welcome and thank you for that great introduction. I'm sure you'll find some subjects of interest here and i hope we'll hear more from you and about you soon!

sissy jamieanne
Dear Bhuna,

What a delightful, and insightful, introduction... thank you so much for the lovely details you have so far imparted to us here... what a lovely start you had wearing your Mother's and Sister's items of clothing...

i am sure that i and many others will be looking forward to reading much more about you... i very much hope you enjoy being here at PDQ... there are so many lovely people and lots of wonderful threads covering all sorts of kinks and fetishes...

How lucky you are to have a such wonderful and supportive Wife who understands your need to wear pretty girly things... maybe we will get to hear, also, more about your favourite outfits: being your girl’s school uniform and the associated PE kits, as well as your netball kit and ballet outfit too... it will be lovely to hear details of what you wear for each... does your lovely Wife decide upon what each outfit consists of and choosing what you wear as and when..?

Maybe you being in chastity will be a thing of the future possibly..?

Take care and have fun
❤ cynthia sissyfrills ❤
Thanks for the warm welcome, everyone. I'm really enjoying the site so far. It feels good to share, so I'm really happy to learn about other people's experiences, and to keep posting about mine and answer any questions. I know I'm really lucky to have such an understanding and supportive wife, and that many other sissies are not so lucky.

Cynthia, if you haven't seen it, there's a bit about my love of girl's school uniform and PE kit on the Male Chastity thread "Self Control versus Chastity". I am curious about using a chastity device, and I probably will try one, but for me I think being allowed (and indeed positively encouraged) to have erections, but not being permitted to touch them, is much more excitingly frustrating than being physically prevented from having them.

(09-27-2019, 09:44 PM)Bhuna71 Wrote: ...
I am curious about using a chastity device, and I probably will try one, but for me I think being allowed (and indeed positively encouraged) to have erections, but not being permitted to touch them, is much more excitingly frustrating than being physically prevented from having them.

Hi Bhuna,

Enjoy satisfying your curiosity. There are many exciting ways to experience submissiveness and I think it is worth exploring different ways. For some things, it takes the experience to fully appreciate all of the possible impacts.

For example, I went from a CB-3000 to a Nano Holy Trainer to a Nub, which I finally feel comfortable enough with to wear in most public situations. Still, the Nub does have edges that could be made rounder to make it even more discreet, and the thickness at the front air vent could be thicker to keep the tip from sticking through such that it rubs against underwear. To hide the angled edges, I wear a feminine pad over that area. To protect the tip from the rubbing, I fold a sheet of toilet paper as small as I can get it and lodge it in the air vent.

My wife doesn't really like chastity devices, so I am a bit like you in that I am more often on an honour system for keeping my orgasms for when my wife permits.

Dear Bhuna,

Thank you so very much for your kind reply with information about your love of schoolgirl uniform and PE kit. i look forward to reading it very much.

As to you using a chastity device, that is yours and your Wife's decision of course. And if you much prefer being allowed to have erections and not being allowed to touch is much more exciting for you both likewise.

As long as you both have fun and enjoyment as you wish is all that matters.
❤ cynthia sissyfrills ❤
Welcome, Bhuna!

You're so lucky having such an understanding wife.

I know from my own experiences that there are plenty of women who enjoy teasing a sissy, but to have a wife who enjoys it is quite rare.

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