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Leotard Allure
Chapter 1 

I don’t know why I am like this but I try to stop it. My name is Nick and I am fourteen years old. I have yet to experience any attraction to girls yet and I am concerned. Not only because of that but also because of this attraction that I seem to have towards girls things. Sometimes I think of the pretty skirts and dresses I see at school and fantasize about the girls wearing it. Not in a sexual burn i think of them making me wear their clothes and become a girl like them. I try really hard too keep it in check and to not masturbait so much because I had a feeling that the more I do it the more addicted I will become because it is extremely addicting. This particular day however I never had felt this way about clothing before until I saw my sister come home from her dance class. She was wearing a pink leotard and black tights and I was smitten. My eyes were glued to it and it was hard to look away. I can’t explain why I was attracted to it but it was the boast I’ve ever been attracted to something  in my life. I knew that I had to avoid it but I wasn’t sure if i was able to do it. Later that day after my parents were out and my sister was gone at a friends house I went into the bathroom and there it was. The pink leotard was hanging up and next to it was her black tights. I’ve never worn girls clothing before but I was so tempted today that before I knew it I was naked and trying to figure out how to put on the leotard. Finally I did it! I figured it out and put it on. It felt so amazing to me and jealous that my sister got to wear it all the time. My penis was very excited and got instantly hard while wearing it and I was tempted to stroke it but I remembered that it was my sisters leotard and I couldn’t risk a mess. I knew that I found my first love though and it was leotards.

Chapter 2

It was so incredibly daring of me to open the bathroom door and walk around the house. I just felt like a girl and it was so freeing. I felt like a girly girl just waltzing around in her leotard. I did a little twirl in it and felt like such a priss. I was so hard the whole time and it was very enticing. I was lost in my own world when the back door opened. I panicked and was about to run up stairs when all I heard from behind me was “Nick what are you doing?” It was my sister and my heart dropped. “Why are you wearing my leotard?” I... I was just wondering what it felt like to wear it and nothing else. I was just curious Emily I’ll take it off. “Yes you will take it off. Little brothers shouldn’t be wearing their big sisters leotards.” I’m sorry Emily like I said I just wanted to see what it felt like. “Well now you know and please take it off.” Okay I will and please don’t tell mom and dad. “I won’t but just clean out the garage for me.” Deal! Done! Thank you Emily and I won’t do it again.

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Chapter 3

About a week later or so nothing was said by sister to me or my parents. Of course I did clean out the garage for her like I was supposed to. It took my a whole Saturday but I did it. It did annoy me a bit though to see my parents hand over the money to my sister even though I did all the work. I guess that’s the price you pay too not have you secret exposed though. A week after that and doing my chores I finally had enough money to buy the new call of duty to play with all my friends and I couldn’t wait. So, that Saturday I went to go buy it at Best Buy but on the way I was distracted. I walked passed a dance wear store and I found myself standing outside of the store look at the leotards in the window. I noticed the signs in the window and it stated that they were having sale. I decided against my better judgment to walk inside the store. I was amazed my all the tights, leotards, and unitards. I walked around the store and then an older women approached me and said “Leotard or unitard?” Oh I’m sorry I’m just browsing and I’m not interested in buying anything. Although the thought of me buying a leotard instead of my video game excited me greatly. “Non sense you have the look of a buyer.” Do I look like someone who wears and buys leotards? “ You would be surprised at how many boys come here looking to buy for themselves. I’ll tell you what. How about I go pick out a leotard and if it’s not the most amazing leotard you have ever seen you leave the store. If it is though you have to at least try it on.” Okay I said. There’s nothing wrong with just seeing a leotard and saying no and then leaving the store.

Chapter 4
I wasn’t sure if I made the best decision as she left to go find a leotard that I couldn’t resist. If she did then what’s the worst that will happen? I try it on and leave ? The store owner came back with a leotard in her hand and said “ This is perfect for a boy like yourself!” Sure enough it was. I knew it as soon as I saw it! It was a black and had a little skirt on each side. It was so prissy and girly and I knew I had lost and I had to try it on. “So will you try it on?” Yes ma’am I said. “See I knew you would. This way to the dressing room!” I followed her to the dressing room and all the stalls were empty as no else was in the store. “Okay I’ll leave you to it” I took the leotard into the dressing room and I was so amazed with it. I stripped naked and put al the leotard and got another amazing instant erection. I spun in the dressing room and giggled at the little skirts flaring out on the side. I stepped out of the dressing room and she was standing there waiting for me

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Chapter 5
She looked me up and down focused on my crotch for a second and said “I see you love it. I told you that you would love it.” I totally do love it so much! Thank you for letting me try it on. “This was more then just trying it on. Do you not know store policy? You try it you buy it!” What?!? You didn’t tell me that! “It’s posted all over the store. Go see for yourself.” Panicked I went into the store room and did notice a few signs that stated the store policy. You don’t understand I said. I was supposed to buy something else today. I can’t spend my money on a leotard. “But of course you can! I’m sorry there are no exceptions.” I was even more turned on now by this whole situation. Outside the store on the street I heard laughter. I turned to look out the window and I almost fainted by what I saw. My sister and her friend Katie were coming into the store. Ma’am please you have to hide me. My sister Emily and her friend are coming into the store and they can’t see me like this. “Why should I help you if you are refusing to buy the leotard?” Please I’ll buy it if you help me! “You will be the leotard and a pair of tights!” Yes anything ! “Okay go hide in a changing room. The farthest one on the end!” Thank you so much! I ran back into the changing room and just made it when I heard the store door open and the owner greet them. I waited in the changing room and looked down at the leotard that I had on and thought about how much of a sissy I was. It was so girly and I clearly enjoyed wearing it. I headed my sister and Katie be ushered into the changing rooms. “Okay girls here you are and I hope you enjoy them.” I listened to my sister and Katie talk. “This is such a cute little store.” “It is and she’s having an amazing sale.” “These Leo’s are so cute!” “So Katie did I tell you about a couple of weeks ago?” “I don’t think so. Why what happened?” “ I caught my brother wearing my pink leotard!” “OMG hahahah! What was he doing?” “ He said he was just curious but I don’t if I believe it. I mean being curious is one thing but to actually try it on is another.” “WOW I don’t know what to think of him now. Maybe he should join our dance classes?” “Katie be serious! Why do you think he did it?” “I truly don’t know Emily. Did you tell your mom and dad?” “No but only because he cleaned out the whole garage for me, and my parents paid my fifty dollars for it.” “Okay so no harm done but what we should do is see if we can catch him in the act. How about you buy an extra Leo and leave it out. You say you are coming to my house and quickly turn back after you leave. If he wears it and you catch him then go from there. If you don’t and he doesn’t wear it then you know he was just curious.” “That’s a great idea Katie!”

Chapter 6
After a little while my sister and Katie finally left the store and I walked out of the changing room. Amazed st the plan that they had put in place for me, but I knew that I wouldn’t fall for it obviously. Which would get my sister off my back and I would just be able to play with my leotards in peace. The owner came back and said “Okay they left, so I can ring you up unless you would like to try on anything else?” No! I just want to pay for this leotard and get out. “Don’t forget the tights also!” I know I know. “Okay so the leotard and the tights come to fifty five dollars.” I sigh inwardly. There goes call of duty and instead I bought a leotard. I obviously can’t tell my friends that so I’ll have to make up some lie. She bagged up my items and before she gave me the bag she said “I listened to their plan. You had better be careful.” They aren’t going to catch me! I know their plan so I’m not going to try on the leotard that they leave out. “You say that now but you still might and they will catch you. Then you will come back here and buy more leotards and unitards and it might even progress to skirts and tu tus.” That will not happen! “If you say so.”

Chapter 7
I got home and thankfully no one was home to see my shopping bag, my first thought was to hide the bag under my bed but my second thought was more devious. No one was home so I could wear the leotard and tights. I shouldn’t I thought I can’t let this take control. Or I could let it take control and wearing it would be amazing with the tights. I stripped naked and emptied out the bag on my bed and locked my bed room door. I picked up the white tights and slid then on which was difficult and then I put on the leotard.
What a great story, Nicole!  Thanks for sharing it.  Can't wait to read of Nick's further adventures.  Leotards and tights are so addicting! 
(09-21-2019, 07:01 PM)danicaN Wrote: I love wearing leotards too (and yes they are addicting).  Makes me feel so girly!

Hi Danica!

So this is your first post.  Congratulations!

Isn't a thrill to feel girly?

I love it so much.

Miss Kimmi
Sissy Nicole,

It's wonderful seeing you post a new story. What fun!

I can't wait for more.

Miss Kimmi
Great story, I love leotards and one piece swimsuits, can't wait to read on
Chapter 8
The leotard and tights were on and I felt a huge rush of excitement building up through out my entire body, and then to my penis. I had the biggest boner of my life. I felt so girly and humiliated at the same time. All because I left the house to buy a video game and came back with tights and a leotard. After much twirling and spinning in my room my attention then focused on my penis. Stroking and rubbing became slowly and then eventually faster and faster. I stopped when I heard my sisters car door slam. I didn’t take the Leo and tights off because I had nothing to fear. My door was locked and I continued to play with myself whilst my sister was in her room probably planning her scheme to catch me. How hot would that be? I could do it on my purpose. Change into the leotard when she leaves just to get caught. That thought excites me greatly and I could only imagine putting it on and waiting for her to come back. Imagine if her and like five friends came back and laughed at me in it. Erection and all! That did it and I couldn’t hold it back anymore and I had the best orgasm of my life and made a mess in the leotard and tights.

Chapter 9
After feeling a lot of guilt and shame that I have never in my life felt before I took off the souls tights and leotard. There was no possible way to wash them so i just stuffed them in the bag and hid it under my bed. That was the routine for the next few days. Having amazing orgasms and then re soiling the leotard and just stuffing it under my bed. I was beginning to think about Emily’s plan and wondered when she would do it but so far nothing. Maybe that was a good thing because even though I know about it I would fall for the trap anyway. That weekend is when it happened my sister set her trap into place. I knew something was off when she came into my room and announced that she was going to Katie’s. That’s something she would never do. Against my better judgment I decided to go into her room after she left the house and it was there. It was a teal covered leotard with a black pattern on it that zipped up from the back. Also next to it was a pair of white tights. I shouldn’t be doing this I thought to myself. I maybe have what five minutes? But that’s also five minutes in a leotard that I haven’t worn before. Before I knew it I was naked in my sisters room looking at the leotard and studying how it was placed. If I did wear it then I had to be put back perfectly. I picked it up and thought here goes nothing. I stepped into it and zipped up the back and it was on!

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Chapter 10
The erection came as soon as the zipper I was zipped up. What was I doing? Falling for my sisters trap when I already knew about it. The opportunity was to good to pass up. The leotard I had bought was in badly need of a wash and honestly I didn’t want to wear it again until I could wash it, and who knows when that would be. I twirled and twirled and began to twirl and stroke myself at the same time. I left my sisters room and went to the window just so I could know when my sister would be home. I stood there and silently stroked myself just waiting until I had to take it off. I obviously couldn’t have an orgasms in it. After a few more minutes of window watching my sisters car re appeared with Katie also in the car. That was my cue it was time to take it off before the point of know return happened. I ran back to my sisters room and tragedy struck. The zipper it was stuck! I couldn’t for the life of me unzip it. Could I have screwed myself? The front door it was opening! I struggled and struggled until it finally came undone and I was able to step out of it. Next was the tights which I took off easily this time and making sure that I didn’t rip them. I was naked when I put back everything carefully and gathered my clothes and ran back to my room just as my sister was coming up stairs.
Chapter 11
(Emily’s POV)

“It doesn’t even look like he touched it let alone wore it Emily.” “I know Katie but I thought for sure he was wearing my leotard for something more then just curiosity.” “Well maybe he put it on for just that but it doesn’t appear that he did it for anything more then that. “ “Unless he somehow knew about our plan and that’s why he didn’t fall for it.” “Not possible Emily we didn’t even talk about it anywhere near here.” “Your right Katie but still I something is up. There has to be another way for me to get him in one to see if he likes wearing them or something.” “I told you he should join our dance class.” “No but how about he joins Miss Chadwick’s dance class.” “Omg Emily that’s a girls only dance class!” “I know but I could explain it to Miss Chadwick that my brother would only feel comfortable in her class.” “Okay that all sounds well and good but you would have to somehow get your brother to agree to do it.” “Leave that to Miss Chadwick.”

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