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Twenty one-word commands
My Lady has been teaching me the twenty one-word commands which she expects me to know completely, and execute immediately when she utters them. She maintains that the underdeveloped male brain is inadequate to the task of learning more.  

Here they are:

1. Accede
Instantly, the slave should cease whatever it is doing, assume a position on its knees in front of her, looking up at her, focussing intently on her next command. 

2. Adore
Accompanied by a gesture, this is a command to kiss, and continue kissing, whichever part of her, or item of clothing, to which she has gestured. 

3. Acquiesce
Upon the utterance of this word, the slave is to lie flat on its back, arms by its side palms up, legs one metre apart. 

4. Buckle
On this command, the slave should knell and bend his face to its Mistress's shoe or boot. 

5. Capitulate
Spoken when the Mistress is sitting, the slave must kneel and rest its head on her lap. This usually precedes a session of instruction and verbal correction. 

6. Comply
At this command the slave should bend over, ready for a whipping, beating or spanking. 

7. Defer
On this command, the slave must stand or kneel stock still, while the Mistress inserts earplugs for hypnosis messaging.

8. Exalt
This command means the slave must go to the Mistress's feet and massage them. 

9. Idolise
The slave must, on this command place his head inside his Mistress's throne in preparation for a lengthy Queening session. 

10. Kowtow 
As in Chinese history, the slave must prostrate itself before the Mistress, forehead to the ground. 

11. Obey
The slave must immediately prepare to meet the Mistress's desire for Analingus. 

12. Present
At this command the slave will present his genitals for inspection, punishment or the removal or installation of a Chasity device. 

13. Serve
the command that the Lady wishes her slave to perform Cunnilingus. Also used for other female guests or friends, such as 'Serve Lady Helen'. 

14. Stoop
On this command, the slave must curtesy to its Mistress and any other Females in the room. 

15. Submit
This is the Mistress's command that she wishes to Queen her slave.

16. Surrender
At this order, the slave must assume the position for the Mistress to insert her choice of buttplug. 

17. Succumb
This is when the slave is instructed to lick his Mistress clean after she has had enough Orgasms to satisfy her. 

18. Venerate
This command instructs the slave to kiss and lick the Mistress's labia, but not her clitoris. 

19. Worship
Nipple kissing and sucking.

20. Yield 
The Mistress is telling the slave to prepare for penetration from her strap-on. 
An interesting and fairly comprehensive list...seems this list might require some effort to memorize and execute properly on command.
Perhaps it is not a recognized word in the dictionary, but it or some similar nomenclature of command should be devised:


a command given to a male to stop all activities and then to perform some gesture, manner or expression that is so indicative or illustrative of the false delicate 'feminine' demeaning submissive nature once forced upon Women either as a show of true male contrition or for amusement of Female Masters. Could be private or public.
I love the creation of new words to match the creation of a New World. Femulated, Demaled,  Demasculated, Resissified, Enchasted, Sapphoed, Untoxified, Replugged.

I think in an idle moment My Lady thought it would be fun to assign special meanings to each word in the Thesaurus for 'Submit' I haven’t managed to learn them all yet, and I have been given the task to come up with the appropriate punishment  

Help wanted !

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