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back zip slacks/ back button blouses
Side zips are a great deal more common than the center seam back zip.
Only cavet with the side zip back zip or any other zip for that matter is
the waist sizing has to be right on within an inch or two unlike if the
waist is with an elastic (pull-on pant) waist with flexibility to fit.

Side zips are usually of the hidden zip type.
Option to have a fly like flap over the zipper with a button snap closing.

Why the left side zip probably due to the left size button placket on
blouses shirts etc. going back to a someone else doing the dressing
of the wearer. Right side zips would be custom made not normal.

Then there are the twin zipper panels (sailor pants) on the front yet
another design.

NOW about those back buttoned blouses - one has to be a contortionist
with extraordinary dexterity to button up - otherwise needing an
assistant - diabolical clothing design LOL !

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