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and another fresh(man) sissy
Hi guys and sissies,

I call myself Melanie and I am fresh to this place.

The wannabe gurl is well beyond fifty, german, living in Germany again and has finally accepted - after centuries - who she is and that she loves who she is as part of herself. I am selfish, foolish and constantly on the look for more pink female wear, the next ultimate nail polish and of course a matching dominant female to serve in all ways thinkable. Did I mention that I like to chat?


sissy Melanie
Hi Sissy Melanie!

Glad to have you join us. Thanks for your introduction.

Pink is so cute! And so are you.

We look forward to hearing more about you and your interests, fantasies and desires.

When did you first know you had a girl inside? I was five years old.

Most of all, have fun here.

In petticoats and permed curls
Miss Kimmi
Hiya Melanie! I love that introduction...and I love that you have embraced and love your feminine self! I'm so glad you're here and hope we hear more from and about you!
Hiya Melanie, and welcome!

Do tell us more about yourself!
I love that you have embraced your feminine side. however I feel you need alot of training to help you focus that energy rather than indulging yourself.

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