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Who's the Boss? Nanny and the Professor Part 3
Well, the professor’s life sure had changed, hadn’t it! He had wanted to hire a housekeeper, someone to keep his house and affairs in order. But what he got was a nanny who turned out to be a hiskeeper, who made him dance to her tune with her brand of discipline that he found himself powerless to resist. Someone to do the dishes? Yes, dear, you can do them in your cute little skirt and knee highs. Golf? Yes, sweetie, put on your pink skirt and pink top and come be my caddie. So you’re going to whine like a baby? I’m putting you in diapers, little man and over my knee you’re going for the spanking you deserve!
As the nanny started to settle into her role, she began to take complete charge of the poor professor’s life. She put him on a strict schedule, gave him chores to do, chose his little outfits, and gave him regular disciplinary spankings so that he knew who was the boss.
She dressed him, she managed him, she spanked him, she made him cry like a baby! She made sure on occasion that other ladies would stop by his house and see her mastery over him, and how she had disciplined him to accept her dominance and feminization. Of course these visits humiliated the young man, as the other ladies laughed and admired the nanny’s creation. But they were beneficial humiliations: she knew it, and he knew it. After all, he ended up hiring her in the first place (and paying her handsomely!) to control him and make sure he towed the line. He would be disciplined for any little indiscretion: paddled, sissified, and shamed. It was what he needed.
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