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Nanny and the Professor Continued
You will recall the professor who was trying to hire a housekeeper to keep his house in order. What he got instead was a “hiskeeper,” a nanny who knew that what he needed after a stressful day was to be sissified and controlled. She laid down the law in their first meeting, as she dressed him in a short plaid skirt and knee socks and made him do the dishes. One day he came home and she informed him he was going to be her caddy in golf. So on went his new little outfit, all in pink: golf hat, golf shirt, a pink sport skirt with pink nylon panties underneath, and pink tennis shoes. His legs were absolutely gorgeous. She posed him for pictures before she took him to the course, where the lady golfers giggled at his sissified predicament.
You will recall that the nanny was capable of stronger medicine. One day our little man came home and she ordered him to lie down on the bed. On went a cloth diaper and pink plastic pants. The man whimpered and cried about his state of dress, as the nanny sneered and admired her handiwork. When she had had enough of his sniveling, she said, “I told you what would happen if you behaved like a baby.” She ordered him to over where she was sitting, put him across her lap, and forcefully paddled his diapered behind. Each spank increased his humiliation, and he wailed in shame. Once again the professor was sissified and disciplined, just as she knew he needed to be.

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