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Lockable plastic pants and baby clothes
My Daddy recently showed me some rubber pants made of thick latex that had locking belts at the waist and legs. He very much liked the idea that it would keep my naughty hands out, even though I'm locked in chastity, but also meant that I would not be out of my nappies unless he decided.

He also found some footed sleepers that zip at the back and have a strap that covers the zip.

He showed me on his laptop as I was on my knees, my mouth filled with Daddy's "dummy" as it grew.

The idea of being locked in thick nappies, and in a locked footed sleeper, perhaps with mittens, large dummy strapped in, noise cancelling earplugs, sleep mask, restrained in my cot... he was talking about it and I could see (and feel) that the idea excited him.

He was enjoying the idea of me feeling a plugged well smacked, sore bottom, getting wetter and wetter in my nappies, squirming and moaning in my cot as he would watch. He said he could leave me there for long naptimes, knowing that I couldn't escape, using the baby monitor cam he has installed to keep an eye on me.

The idea both horrifies and excites me... I could feel myself getting tight in my steel 1" cage, thinking about how dependent I would be on Daddy, how helpless.
When I was being punished as a child my mother would sometimes put me into a nappy and plastic baby knickers, and then make me wear a pair of tights, and then a leotard.

The tights covered my nappy and baby knickers, and then the leotard also covered my bottom, and prevented me from gaining any kind of access to my bottom and privates. Unless I took the leotard off, which would have resulted in a sound spanking, I had no choice but to wet my nappy.

The outfit also had the effect of rendering me, fully dressed, in theory, but in practice having my bulky bottom exposed by my skin-tight girly tights and leotard.
Ah yes Wailer, the dichotomy of our own making. Horrified but excited, the eternal dance of the true sissy. At least for those sissies who have had a choice in becoming sissies, who have given their submission willingly to a Superior. Enjoy your sweetly tormenting ride.

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