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Accidentally humiliated
(10-18-2020, 03:18 PM)Girlygirl Wrote: The critical then, Jochmo. We’re you ever the victim of such punishment and if so, did your mother have the heart to do it or were you sent round for the lady to do it on her behalf?  Wink

My mother was very timid and meek; my mother never really punished me but maybe a scolding. I do not know if my mother sent me round to stay with the couple as a punishment or they would tell my mother to send me round to be punished and overnight stay, my mother never ask or spoke to me about my overnight stays.
My mother was similar insofar as she abhorred corporal punishment; but more than made up for it with various forms of petticoat and nappy punishment.  Blush
I was never spanked . I was threatened with being put back into boys clothes and my aunt or cousin had the spiderman pants and vest there to prove it .
Angel A little bit of hanky panky does you good .  Angel
It is somewhat ironic  that you were threatened with being put into boy’s clothes when I was threatened with being put into girl’s or women’s clothes. Back then a threat to be put into boy’s clothes would only have promoted my misbehaviour.

Entirely the opposite now of course and I now think much as you did in this respect

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