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Apron picture of the roundtoit
August 05

[Image: Apron-15.jpg]

The small white satin apron here came from ( when I purchased the pink sissy maid dress.

When I purchased the dress for myself I wanted to know what it would feel like to wear such a frilly sissy dress, as all of my dresses to that point were regular ones that were marketed to women. The dress is so OTT that initially I wasn't sure what my wife truly felt about seeing me in it. So I decided to myself that I would not initiate choosing to wear it when we were spending time together in the evening, the most common times that I tend to wear pretty clothes when we are together. It was only when we had decided to try out me getting up early and dressing in a pretty outfit, including an apron, and doing some tasks as a maid, that this dress started to be one that would get chosen from time to time. However, of course there is a preference from my wife towards the Daisy Gingham dress that she ordered for me, so she remembers that one first when suggesting a dress for me to wear. But, she does say that this one is cute and that I look sweet in it. So I am happy that it is not too OTT for her and I get to wear it for her feeling good about the submissive feelings that I feel when wearing it.

I love the puffy sleeves and lace trim as well as the ruffles at the bottom of the dress. Years ago I had purchased pair of rhumba panties that turns out to be the same shade of pink as the dress, and so they go quite well together. With short dresses like this one and the Daisy Gingham dress, it is important that the panties that could so easily be seen too, be part of the outfit.

I would like to have a pair of hose in a pink shade that would go well with the dress, but have not come across one yet. So I added the heart themed one, since we both love hearts on clothes that we wear pivately for each other.

The shoes are ones that I purchased in a crossdressing shop a number of years ago, with my wife there helping me to pick them out and make sure that they fit. They are way too high for me to wear too often for any length of time, but an hour or so in the morning while also doing some tasks that require sitting is fine, and they go so well in the outfit. This is also another outfit that my wife suggests works better with breast forms, rather than simply my own rather flat chest, which she prefers most of the time.

P.S. I never realized just how hairy my arms are until I started to post these photos of me in my dresses and aprons. Sigh. Testosterone and pretty clothes. Don't seem to mix well to the current-day eye.
Well that's it for a while. I have depleted the buffer of photos we had taken before I started on this once a day posting. It is not every morning that my wife wants me to be a maid for her.

So I have changed the subject from "Apron picture of the day" to "Apron picture of the roundtoit". 

I will start posting photos of the rest of my apron collection again once I have built up a buffer of photos and only after the summer when I get to epilate my legs again to make them smooth and much nicer looking (too bad I could not get away with epilating my arms too).

For those of you not familiar with a roundtoit, here is an example of one.
[Image: round%2Btuit.jpeg]
August 20

[Image: Apron-18.jpg]

As I mentioned in my post I am a sissy because... , this is a new apron that my wife recently allowed me to order. After posting a number of my aprons here, I was curious to see what other pretty girly aprons were available for purchase and found a couple that spoke to me. She allowed me to order them to add to my collection. I am posting this one here now, since my hairy legs can't be seen, and the other one will be posted later on, after my date with my epilator. We both love the pretty flowers, lace and ruffles. The fabric is sturdy enough for real usage (not just as a pretty accessory).

The bra straps show some lace that was, we think, sewed on the bra as an after-market add on. We picked it up years ago from a small boutique store in an Asian mall. It appeared that the lace, bows and little flowers were all sewed on by hand to enhance the girly-ness of the bra. In any case, it is one of our favourites. Although it can't be seen, because of the apron, I'm enjoying my new-found ability to tuck nicely, and so wanted to wear something that would benefit from the new silhouette.
September 27

[Image: Apron-19.jpg]

This is the second new apron that my wife allowed me to order. I love the ruffles, bow and two shades of pink. 

As you can see, I had my date with my epilator! Ahhhh, smooth legs. Feels so wonderful. Now to get to painting those toenails.

The dress is a new one that we found over the summer when we went shopping at J. C. Penny. It was from the girl's section (yay!) and is a size 20.5, which most of the time fits me quite well.
So pretty, luv the pink bow on the pocket.
Your new dress is adorable!

Miss Kimmi
(09-27-2019, 01:05 PM)GinaV Wrote: So pretty, luv the pink bow on the pocket.

Me too! Now to find a cute handkerchief to go into the pocket (thanks for the great idea, Bill).

(09-27-2019, 02:55 PM)Kimmi Wrote: Your new dress is adorable!

Miss Kimmi

Awww, thanks Miss Kimmi! I feel so blessed.

September 28

[Image: Apron-21.jpg]

This is actually a repeat of the apron from July 22. I have recently lost a bit of weight and can now finally get back into probably one of my favourite frilly pink dresses. I got this one at a second-hand store (charity shop) and when I saw it, I was soooo hoping that I would be small enough to be able to fit into it. I believe it is a dance costume. The skirt is see through enough that if you were close to me you would be able to easily make out my stocking tops and garter clips. It would be quite fine for a dancer who was also wearing a dance leotard.

Anyway, I was wearing my pink "cooking" apron (see July 30) to make supper and then with my wife lunches for next week. In the photo though, I wanted an apron that would allow the skirt to be seen. So had laid out the apron from July 29, another one, and the apron from July 22 for my wife so she could choose which one went best with the dress. Unfortunately, the photo doesn't really show just how see through the skirt is.

Time now to go get those toenails painted, finally!
September 29

[Image: Apron-20.jpg]

I found this black one in a second-hand store (charity shop). I loved how full it is and the nylon fabric. I could see myself encased all around in it and so had to pick it up. The only thing is that in this picture, it covers the whole of the skirt of my dress (my dress! I often say this to my wife, but I rarely type this, and I like it, my dress!).
Yes, both "your dress" and "your apron" are beautiful.

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