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Man forced by court to raise son as trans child
(08-09-2020, 04:59 AM)RonnyRemaled Wrote:
(08-05-2020, 03:54 PM)mikki Wrote: Yes, what about James, anyhow?  

You don't know, Ronny, and neither do I; neither of us has ever spoken to the child, much less known enough about the child's own feelings to form a valid opinion about those feelings.  So we are both wholly unqualified to opine on the child's gender identification.  

What we do know for a fact, however, is a child's name, chosen early on by its parents, has absolutely no bearing on a child's gender identification.  Neither do a child's external genitalia.  Plenty of "male" children come to identify as female, and plenty of female children come to identify as male.  All on their own.  And children have a right to have their chosen identities be respected.  
(08-10-2020, 04:01 AM)RonnyRemaled Wrote:
(08-09-2020, 03:36 PM)mikki Wrote:
(08-09-2020, 04:59 AM)RonnyRemal Wrote: HIS FEELINGS, NOT HIS OR HERS  GET IT RIGHT,
I agree with some of what your saying,  but the whole gender thing is a creation of (evil devil minded feminists hell  bent on destroying boys and men ) [ and this is just my opinion]  
males have male genitalia and women the same,   and the genitals Do define who the person is because when it comes right down to it.. no one can dispute.
a male has his male parts to make sperm and impregnate female and get her pregnant.
when someone says genitals do not define the person  I personally think they are wrong, it is the twisted minds and thoughts of sick people who come up with these terms..  
you can take a woman and remove her breasts and female genitalia and feed her teststeorone and other male hormones and somehow form a penis  
"" but she is not a man.... or male,, never will be she is now a mangled mess of flesh
can the transformed person make sperm? does she have testicles? no and dr's can't sew on a set of balls either
so she might in her mind feel like a man but she is not

same for a male  use the scrotum and penis to form female genitals feed them female hormones and give them breast implants, they are now a man with a vagina and breasts, they are not female
can they make babies?? no
do they have a menstrual period?? No  they are a medically created freak..  
( now that is MY own opinion )
if the male freak feels happy with his mutilated body and likes pretending he is a she , I would never say a word or bother them,, it's their body
I feel the same way with women,,,
However,, without bringing religion and spritiual beliefs in to this discussion,,,
( my most neutral position is the mutilation of a persons body is against nature and a higher authority)

but my opinion is the genitals DO define who a person is... how they define themselves is a whole different matter.
and there is not a dr or anyone who can say differently
if a boy in his heart feels like a girl and gets all the hormones and surgery and stuff, that's his right,..  but he is not a woman, just a mutilated boy with a vaginal cavity and fake breasts. ( and that's ok for him, I do not care)

but all of this radical feminst mumbo jumbo BS terms "gender fluid " gender neutral" are so bogus if you really take a step back and think about it.

boys being forced to wear skirts is not gender neutral,, they are being force feminized. now if a school mandated long say board style shorts for everyone that is more gender neutral because both sexes wear shorts so it is neutral. making boys wear girls articles pushes them onto the girls side of fashion not neutral

well, as usual I get to yapping and never know when to shut up..

but keep in mind, I am just rendering my own opinion good or bad it's mine

and like my late great grand ma once said

"opinions are like ass holes ' everyone has one and most stink  .. Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin

getting ready to make some pulled pork and augratin potatoes

yours in silent service
I am not going to say too much about the feminisation of individual males as whilst I appreciate the goals behind it (and broadly support them, in that males should be introduced to feminine experiences to offset the rampant problems masculinity can cause) there are problems attached and it can very easily be managed badly, in a society which isn’t always so tolerant. Note that this is a comment on gender expression and experiences and I too agree that introducing surgery into the equation takes us into entirely different territory. That said, my main issue here is the acceptance that skirts are simply girl’s clothing. Trousers were once solely men’s clothing but I would assume that you would not want to go back to a situation where that is the case once more. 

Therefore, the only reason I can come to why skirts and dresses are not adoptable by both sexes is the stigma that is quite clearly still behind males in dresses, which is quite illogical but also self propagating - by society as a whole, but much less so by males on an individual basis. We know this because most recent studies say that one in ten males have crossdressed, which still gives no account of those who wish to but for are prevented, either through lack of means or other responsibilities that they feel that they have which means that they need to conform to society’s irrational norms.

You may have heard the expression, ‚Äėthe only gender specific clothes are the bra and the jock strap‚Äô, which refers to the fact that in their unaltered form, males and females cannot make correct use of the respective- I am very much of the opinion that in an ideal world¬†¬†(and I suspect the future one we are headed for) the vast majority of clothing will come to be seen as gender neutral.

That is why (in the absence of my much more radical ‚Äėgraduation‚Äô approach) for a system introduces males to feminine clothing and skills in school, so that they can actually make their own informed decision, in an environment where they are all in the same boat.

Your arguments on sex change are somewhat more technical and provided we agree each person has the right to express themselves as they wish (and as someone with her own unique expression, I’m clearly going to) I don’t think there is too much more to be said here.

Pulled pork and potatoes, though - yum

(08-11-2020, 10:53 PM)RonnyRemaled Wrote:
(07-17-2019, 09:16 PM)emborios Wrote: This is amazing. the article isn't happy about it but this is how things should be:

Honestly mothers should always have the final word on what happens to their sons. People who are against this should be in prison for forcing their toxic masculinity on society

but my dear friend, so you condone the mental and emotional abuse of helpless little boys by evil devil minded radical feminists??  
and even worse, denounce that a father has no right in raising his son?? his flesh and blood too??

very odd opinion...  so which is worse?  so called non exsistent "toxic masculinity, or mind bending mental torturing Radical evil feminists???

hard to decide huh??  but we are dealing not with animals or mounds of clay, but living breathing loving innocent helpless little humans.......  

just pointing out some oddities  .. have a great day and ask yourself..    what is toxic masculinity anyway??

a fake propaganda term invented by weak frail so called feminists who try to destroy human beings lives by pushing their own " radical Feminist views on every one??

very curious I think

I think toxic masculinity is a figment of weak twisted feminists ( penis envy ) imaginations..

but just my humble opinion


I think in a way that is why the Gender Studies idea, or even my slightly more radical‚ÄėGraduation Hypothesis‚Äô are worthy of thought. Both of these ideas aim to address the problems masculinity cause the world (as it undoubtedly does on both a direct level - violence & warfare¬†and¬†indirect level - global warming, economic greed) in the case of Gender Studies by dissuading some of the more extreme elements of masculinity and in the case of my Graduation Hypothesis by essentially licensing masculinity in the same we do driving a car now.¬†

Because both ideas rely on a buy in by society on some level, you reduce the problems that emerge when this is imposed on individuals (as it is the state rather than feminists that would be doing the leg work and deciding policy). 

It need not be a question of which is worse but rather how we can solve one problem in a way that doesn’t create other problems (though I’m still of the opinion that in most cases the feminist’s hearts are in the right place; we just don’t yet have a society that is receptive to the ideology).
Just a quick update about this case. Recently Luna and her mother won a big court battle and the father's appeal has been denied. Luna is free to attend school as herself happily wearing dresses, her father is longer allowed to cut her hair short (something he has done multiple times) and Luna recently joined ballet classes. What many people don't know is Luna's closest friend is also a transgender girl in the same school. Luna has been attending school as a girl for a few years and has the full support of her school as well as several doctors who have spoken in court that Luna wants to be a girl. Unfortunately, her father is not supported and will continue fighting so there are still challenges ahead.
Many thanks for the update, Rad Fem. I am sure we are all heartened to learn that Luna’s interests have been taken into consideration here and on her part must be comforting to have a confidante with so many similar experiences and facing similar challenges.

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