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New member
I am amanda or mandy if you prefer. I am really looking forward to learning more here.

I guess I have been a sissy for as long as I can remember but only in the last few years admitted it. You see I am married to a wonderful and beautiful lady who loves me as I do her. Now she is naturally dominant and knows what I am & says that she accepts it. And she does seem to except I am so frustrated at the lack of action. Perhaps it is me trying to control things rather than trusting in my dominant but all of my begging for new clothes even to asking if I can stop wearing male underwear seem to go unheard. I guess because I have wanted this for so long is also a catalyst.
Hello sissymandy, I think you came to the right place. I find this forum to be a great help for me to find who I am, and to teach me how to communicate this lifestyle to my wife, and why it should be better for her as well. Much my life was spent looking for a Dominant woman. I so much wish I could had learned and trained to be a sissy for a dominant woman from the days since I was a teenager.
Im sorry to hear you are frustrated. Just hang in there and keep learning, and only tell your wife about it, when she allows you to.
from nancy
Hello Amanda
Welcome to the forum. Seems as though you are topping from the bottom as BDSM people say. Why not subtly introduce the Petticoated page to your Female Master and see the reaction. You may want to careful what you wish for
Yes I think your right I need to totally step back and allow her to grow

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