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Behaviour and Conduct
I was wondering if anyone else has similar codes of behaviour and conduct as I have?

these are:-

When any Female Superior enters the room I must stand up at once and welcome her, and curtsey, then remain standing while my Female Superior gives me instructions, ie to make a pot of tea, or show the visitor my new knickers.  If she is a regular visitor then I must kiss her lightly on her right cheek.  

Always address a Female Superior as 'Madam', and curtsey.

Always use the phrases 'may I' when asking for permission, 'please' and 'thank you', followed by 'Madam'.

When my Female Superior tells me that I have not kept to the code in the presence of another Female Superior, I have to apologise immediately and request an otk hand-smacking on my bare bottom from the visitor.

If we have a Female Superior visiting at my bed time, after being bathed, talked, bed-nappy put on etc., I have to return to our visitors to say 'goodnight' and curtsey.


That sounds just lovely and right for sissies like us.
I've read your posts, looking forward to you sharing more, an example to all of us sissies here.
Sissy Cindy Lynn
I am a sissy, I serve Women, renounce my silly attempts at false maleness, and surrender to my sissyhood as who I am best to be.
The answer is "yes", Rogella.  Many of us have similar codes of conduct, tailored to the desires of our own "Female Superiors".  I think we crave the feeling of knowing of knowing what is expected of us, knowing that when we make mistakes firm discipline will be applied to teach us the error of our ways.
Instead of starting another thread, I'll ask this here since it has relation with the topic.

For those of you who are showing light forms of subservience to all women. Did you ever feel 'uncomfortable' when you couldn't show subservience to the woman/women you were with?
I believe that most of us have someone or more than one person in our life that it would probably be better if they didn't know about it.

If this ever happened to you, if it felt somewhat unnatural, how did you handle it? Did you fight the urge and kept acting "normally"? Maybe it doesn't matter who it is, since it's a woman you are subservient-submissive?
I always want to be subservient to women. When I'm out somewhere dressed as a girl, rather than as a sissy, I have to suppress the urge to demonstrate my subservience.

The other thing I find all the time when I'm not dressed is that while most guys look at an attractive girl and imagine what it would be like to be with her, I look and imagine what it would be like to BE her, to wear the outfit she's wearing, to attract the attention she's attracting.

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