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Pacifier discipline
A fun thought that popped into my head as I waited for the alarm to go off for when I get to don the pretty gingham dress that my wife bought me awhile ago and take care of her todo list for me before we each head off to work.
[Image: gin660-4.jpg]

That was a fun evening! Before I drive us home I would like you to do something for me. I was happy to allow you to have that extra drink and to be the designated driver tonight, and I mean that. I came up with another way that I can exert my dominate control over you. I am getting turned on just thinking about it, so be prepared for some fun loving when we get home. So I want you to reach into my purse and take out the small pink bag that is in there. This package arrived a few days ago and I have been dying for a chance to use it and tonight's the night! Yes, you found it and yes, it is a cute pink adult pacifier. 
[Image: pacifier_princess_wt_lanyard__67654.1541...80.jpg?c=2]

On the way home tonight, I want you to play with it. Try it in your mouth. Feel free to put it in, and take it out and tell me how it feels and how you feel having it in your mouth. I want the full review of the product, as if you were writing it to share on the web site. Even better, I just thought of this. Here, I will use my phone to record your review and when we get home we can use the recording to come up with a review that you will write. Also, I really want how it makes you feel. All the feelings that you have, let me know. The more I understand what makes you tick, the more fun we have and the closer I feel to you.

Of course you know that after tonight, you won't be having a choice of when it is in your mouth and when it will be out. It turns you on, me dominating you, and it gives me the most amazing orgasms, having control like this over you. So enjoy the freedom of putting it in your mouth and taking it out of your mouth. Once we leave the car when we get home, that freedom will be gone. And I think this will be a wonderful way to keep you on your toes and knowing that you are a wonderful submissive husband who will do anything for his loving wive and mistress. Now pop it in, I want to see how you look and hear how you feel!

Not sure I'll ever get the opportunity to have such an experience, but here is a selling point that might work. On car trips, I prefer going into the restaurant instead of the drive through, which my wife prefers.

You've been nice and quiet this last while, with your new pacifier in your mouth. It has been a pleasant drive. Pull over at the next exit. I want a coffee and a bagel. Feel free to pop the pacifier out of your mouth. However, leave it pinned to your shirt. Now, feel free to choose whether we go into the restaurant or whether we go through the drive through. I don't mind either way. 

Yes, when we get to the pick up window, I want you to keep your pacifier pinned to your shirt. It won't hurt you for the one or maybe two servers to see it on you. We will never see them again. And I know that it will give you an embarassing thrill. And that will turn me on. Oh, I can't wait to get home. Hmm, I think at the next stop, I will want to go in and buy our stuff inside. Won't that be fun?
The pacifier shown on your picture works really good, when it’s modified. Put a big rubber nipple on it, instead of the little silicone nipple. After this the pacifier will fill your mouth totally. You are feeling like a little helpless baby. Speaking will be almost impossible. Now your wife has very good control above you. If the paci with the big rubber nipple dangles down your dress, that’s a quite humiliating view.
(06-15-2019, 05:55 PM)Nullababy Wrote: ...
Put a big rubber nipple on it, instead of the little silicone nipple. 

Where might one get such a big rubber nipple?
At the moment it is not easy to find really good rubber teats for pacifiers on the market. That’s my personal opinion.
Nevertheless there are several offers in the market:
Sellers name is dion413
different offers
Honestly, the idea of pacifier discipline sounds horrible, degrading.  maybe that is the point, but it is a step too far for me.
(06-18-2019, 06:08 PM)switch-flex Wrote: Honestly, the idea of pacifier discipline sounds horrible, degrading.  maybe that is the point, but it is a step too far for me.

I have been made to suck on a Baby's dummy or pacifier when forcibly dressed as a little girl and it certainly was horrible and degrading but that was the whole point. It was worn to make me look babyish and extremely silly so I would be teased even more by visitors.

Felicity Anne
Sucking a dummy while dressed in a nappy and baby knickers, maybe other baby clothes like a little dress or romper suit is certainly humiliating.

But I also found that it gave me something to take my mind off my predicament. I found it quite soothing, which I guess is the whole point of a dummy in the first place.
I have some adult sized dummies and Daddy calls them my "mute button". If he puts one in, I'm not allowed to take it out and not really allowed to talk. I'm allowed to answer questions, but with the dummy in, so it sounds muffled and babyish.

Trouble is that like Ali says, it's sort of soothing to suck on it, and sometimes I even dribble a bit and don't realize. Especially if I've been nappied and I'm in my onesie and rompers and playing legos or other toddler toys.

If we go out, I have to have it in my pocket all the time as well and sometimes Daddy will put it in my mouth when I'm strapped into the back seat and we're driving somewhere. That is embarrassing if we're stopped at the lights and someone sees.

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