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Assigning your boy a girl name
Having been with several foreign Superior Females, one comes to mind. She was Russian and referred to me as Suka, Russian slang for bitch. Thinking of her saying that name still makes me feel weak.
(09-19-2016, 09:15 PM)Richardto Wrote: I think using the name that the child would have been given should they have been born a girl is a common one, unless of course the child wants to pick their own feminine name. Having the child pick their own feminine name is one that is likely going to happen more in situations like transgender children. My name is Richard, but I would have been Tina if I had been born a girl (I also was supposed to be a girl), so that was the name my mother used for me when I dressed up.

When trying to decide on my name I asked mom what she would have named me had I been a girl, but she said she'd never actually thought about it because she already knew I was gonna be born a boy, so I had to figure out my own name. I eventually decided on Eleanora Jean Michels because it's numerologically and astrologically perfect for me lol. (LOTS and lots of mathematics went into it; I kinda have a weird thing for numbers and dates; it's an autism thing lol.)

I liked the name Eleanora because it perfectly equals 35, which added together creates 8, (every letter has a numerical value; E is 5, L is 3, etc etc.) and there are 8 letters in the name Eleanora, (my Birth Number, which is also derived from 35 when adding up the numbers of my birthday; 01/19/1995.)

"Jean" was an easy middle name for me to pick because it's a family tradition for the women in our family to have Jean as their middle name. My niece is Nina Jean; sister is Audra Jean, mother is Kathy Jean, grandmother was Betsy Jean, and so on and so forth lol.

And Michels is my grandmother's maiden name. I originally wanted to go with my mother's maiden name; Hills, because I hate my father. But mom ALSO hates her father (he was even worse than mine lol), so she said I should go with her mother's maiden name instead; Michels (pronounced just like Michaels), so I started working with that. At the end of the day I settled on Eleanora Jean Michels because I liked the different nicknames available for Eleanora, (Ellie, Nora, Elle, Ella), and I especially liked how the primary nickname sounded used with my middle name: "Ellie Jean". It just struck me as super cute in a bit of an old-fashioned sense. XD

I've always been kinda retro with classical tastes lol

Figure my "Little Persona" will be called Ellie Jean, and my "Adult Persona" will be called Nora Michels. XD

Here's a pic of my original mathematical reasoning upon settling on the name and discovering how truly perfect for me it was lol:

[Image: FaUvDvx.jpg]

....Yes. I put a little bit of thought into it, lmao. XD

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