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Sorry, but I'm using the translator.

What I report here is real.

I like petticoat punishment and domestic discipline. At first it made me confused. I did not know why
I saw that when I was younger I was always punished with girlish things.
The punishment you go normal has always been housework. Later by being embarrassed to do the chores made him seen to be more humiliating

I lived with my aunt, at home to play I always had to wear an apron. The apron is very worn by ladies in Portugal. (1)
It was mandatory to use always, sometimes with visits

For my aunt to have worked in a school sometimes she wore an old apron of hers (2). I did not like being pink but she would not let me be home without one. I said it was not to ruin my clothes.

If I did not wear it, it would pull my ears.

I did not like to wear it at the time but I think that's where it started

(Sorry for the translation, some question can send message and explain better)

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