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Can I make a suggestion please? Can we all choose an avatar to use? It's so much more fun if there's a picture against your posts. x
I agree Ali but I havn't a clue how to do it.
Go to your profile settings, top right on your screen. x
I created a gallery of pics, many suitable for avatars.

Here's the link: Petticoating Image Gallery

The system resizes the images; some are too big to make useful avatars. Choose, but be ready to pick alternatives.

Avatars and any graphics you'd like to use in this forum must be on the Web somewhere. One of the sticky notes at the top of each forum explains how to start a free account with - free and reliable.

Make your own account and you can add your own avatar and pics to your posts. Ali told us how to select an avatar on our profile page.

My thanks to Ali for telling me my link to PostImage didn't work. He confirmed that I fixed it. Smile

Update: postimage adds a spam link to all posts. This is the price we pay for a free service.
Stamp out useless scrolling. Click Reply, then press CNTRL (or Command)  + A, then write your reply.

Your obedient servant,

micheleFFS  Cool
Many thanks for your images, I have used one for my avatar.

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