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Fluffy Bunny Rabbit Costume Humiliation Fantasy
Hi everyone.

Although Easter has been and gone, it did give me an idea for the following fantasy. I am under the control of a strict Auntie. Much to my humiliation, she forces me to  put on a fleecy, pink, all-one-one Bunny Rabbit costume. (It doesn't cover my face - Auntie wants to make sure that everyone can see my humiliation!). The costume is similar to that worn by the boy Ralphie in the film "A Christmas Story". To add to my shame, I also have to wear a nappy and a pair of plastic pants. "In case of accidents and to make it harder for you to play with yourself", explains Auntie.

Worse is to come when Auntie explains that she is expecting three of her female friends to visit in the afternoon. "For the rest of the day , you will be called Bunnykins", laughs Auntie. "Now, what is your name?"
"Bunnykins", I reply, feeling very ashamed.
After taking me into a bedroom, she ties me up and gags me. "You can stay here until my visitors arrive. Then I will untie you and show you off",she laughs. I am left strugfgggling and writhing helplessly.

The afternoon comes and the visitors arrive. Soon Auntie's three lady friends are sitting and drinking cups of tea. After a short while, she announces that she has a special treat for them. After disappearing into a bedroom , she returns and announces loudly "Meet Bunnykins!"

I bunny-hop into the room, exclaiming  the top of my voice "I'm a little Bunny-Rabbit, Hoppity, Hop, Hop Hop!"

The women visitors roar with laughter. Then, much to my embarrassment , I am forced to stand up and sing "Bright Eyes" . Auntie's guests remark on "How Cute" and "What a sweet little Bunnykins" I am. Auntie takes a (Clean!) carrot and force me to hold it in my mouth. "Makes an interesting gag, doesn't it?" chortles Auntie.

She leaves the room and returns with something in her hand. "Rabbits are very sex-obsessed creatures. Unfortunately for him Bunnykins is not allowed to pleasure himself. But he is allowed to pleasure YOU". The object which she  retrieved is a vibrator. Soon, I am forced to use it to pleasure the guests. One of them undoes her blouse and makes me suck her breast. "Suck Titty, like a good little Bunnykins", she purrs.

After the guest have been pleasured, Auntie points out something large draped with a cloth. One of the guests said that she was going to ask earlier as to what it was. Pulling the cloth off, a pet cage is revealed. "In you go Bunnikins" she orders, and I  obey , Soon I am caged and looking helplessly at my tormentors.  Auntie then asks each of them would  they do with me if I was their plaything.

The answers soon come:

"I'd have him romping around in my Front-garden dressed in a sailor suit!"
I'd make him wear a gymslip, and then I'd cane him!"
"I'd have him nappied, strapped in a cot, sucking a dummy"!

They all laugh as they see me in my Bunny-suit , imprisoned in a cage.

Eventually the guest leave, Auntie promising that she would let me be their plaything in the next few weeks.

The day ends with Auntie putting me to bed. I am forced into a baby doll nightie and cami-knickers. Before putting me to bed, Auntie masturbates me until I ejaculate. "That's for being a good Bunnykins" she smiles. Soon I drift off into sleep, dreaming of bunny rabbits and humiliation.

Well, I hope that you enjoyed this fantasy. Any other Sissies out there with a fetish for Bunny-Rabbit Costumes? I'd be happy if there were. Smile
Not a fetish as such but if the costume was in the softest angora I may just think all my heavens had come at once.
Nice tale sissy Leslie. Thanks for posting.
J'aimerais être la nièce de votre tante !
Shy Caroline Heart

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