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Wedding photograph
I just came across this photograph on Pinterest of the wedding of Bill Wyman (Rolling Stones bassist) and Mandy Smith. 
I wonder how the boy on the right felt when he found out how he was to be dressed.
Could the scenario been 

"Come on Leroy put your panties on."
"Why do I have to wear panties?"
"Because they will make you feel so girly with the rest of your sissy clothes. Yes that's right, now for your pretty tights."
"But mummy."
"Come on darling, your sisters are waiting to see how pretty you are. Now for your pretty camisole."
"Why a camisole?"
"Oh darling, you can't wear pretty lace trimmed panties without a matching camisole."
"But that's silly."
"Do you want to wear one of your sisters training bras as well, it can be arranged?"
"No mummy, not a bra."
"There now, don't you just feel so girly in your pretty lingerie. Do you want me to put some pretty pink lip-stick on your lips so you look more like your sisters?"
"No, not lipstick."
"Okay, now for your pretty blouse, turn around so I can button it up the back. Oh look, you can see the pretty lace of your camisole through your blouse. That's so girly."
"Ă–h, mummy, I don't want people to see I'm wearing girls undies."
"Darling girl's don't wear undies, they wear pretty lingerie. Anyway when you put on your pretty pants and cummerbund no one will be able to see your lingerie that well."
"Mummy why did you call it my lingerie?"
"I bought it for you. You can wear it when ever you wear this new blouse to dance class."
"Oh mummy.
This is so sweet. I love when he is told he is wearing lingerie.

Such a nice approach to a soft feminization.

Miss Kimmi
It wasn't long before Leroy had lots of pretty lingerie, blouses and girly shorts to wear to his tap, ballet and jazz classes.

He soon found that wearing pretty lingerie under sheer and translucent blouses was really nice and he loved the taste of his lipstick and the feel of the mascara on his lashes. The fact the girls at dance class included him in their social life was also welcomed by the shy boy.

On the day of his fourteenth birthday his mother took him to the corsetiere's to be fitted for his fist of many training bras.

It was only about eight months after his first training bra fitting that he was back at the corsetiere's being fitted for his Christmas present, his first real bra. He loved how girly and grown up he felt knowing that he could fill the cups of a real if only an A cup bra and that he would one day fill a B or maybe even a C cup bra.

He dreamed longingly of those days.
What a lucky boy to find himself in silky lingerie and wearing bras.

Dreaming longingly is such a delight.

Miss Kimmi

A few years later, Leroy is helping his oldest sister Carol get ready for her wedding.
"Leroy, I'm so happy you agreed to be one of my bridesmaids. You look adorable in your bridesmaid dress."
"Thank you Carol, you look absolutely fabulous in this wedding gown. I will never be able to thank mummy and you enough for turning me into a pretty girl. I just loved growing up in all those pretty dresses and I so loved the feel of all the pretty girly lingerie."
"Mummy and I both knew it was best for you, you were not cut out to be a boy, really."
"Do you remember the first time mummy took me for a training bra fitting?"
"Yes. You were really upset. You said you didn't need or want to wear a training bra. You cried for hours."
"Yes, it was very traumatic. But now I love I have these big beautiful breasts. David loves them too, he loves to suck on them like a baby. I sometimes have a girly orgasm from him doing that."
"Oh that's wonderful. How is David?"
"He's fine. Speaking of David, I have a favour to ask you. Would you be my maid of honour?"
"What? Oh yes, of course. When?"
"He only asked me last night when he saw me in this beautiful bridesmaid dress. We haven't set a date yet, but we don't want a long engagement. Maybe six months."
"Oh yes, six months, that doesn't give us much time."
"Time for what?"
"Well you need to get a dress, a venue, catering, oh lots of things."
"I already have a dress picked out. Here look"

"But that's so 80's"
"Yes but it's satin. Sissies love satin. You and mummy made me a satin loving sissy."
"Yes, I know. It is gorgeous."
"And look at the flower-girl dresses I've pick for David's brother and sister."
or this one.

"Oh they are  beautiful. Wait did you say David's brother and sister?"
"Yes. David's mother is turning his brother into a sissy so she can have twin girls. They are twins now but brother and sister, she wants them to be sisters. Brian is already a sissy, he does ballet and is better than his sister. He danced the principal role in the dance school recital last month. He was so pretty and feminine. He told me once that he always was jealous of his sister getting pretty dresses and lingerie while all he ever got was jeans, t shirts and sneakers."
"Oh that's wonderful. I'm sure he will love being your flower girl."
"Let's not waste anymore time, you have a husband to catch."

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