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Male clothes almost all gone
Angry Neighbor Karen was in kitchen with Mom having coffee and noticed a paddle hanging on wall with my name on it .She looked at me and laughed and said I’ll bet that brings back memories if it’s that what  I think it it .A  spanking  paddle  . Mom said it should especially if he sits on hard chair. K aren giggled and said surely you’re not still spanked at your age ? And if you are I congratulate your Mom. I turned beet red  .Mom said Karen asked you a question didn’t she ,you’d best answer.I looked at her and said yes ma’am.She said I’ll bet your bottom was as red as your face. I’d love to her about her methods. She-said Ralph tell her .I pitched a fit and said no!.Mom stood up and said well then perhaps a demonstration would work better.Karen giggled and was loving my humiliation.i wised up and apologizing told her about  I was spanked OTK ,bare bottom,and then corner time. Karen then discussed some ideas either she used or heard about ,diaper discipline.And that where we are right now .im in cloth diapers and plastic panties.
Hopefully only cloth diapers and plastic pants. There sounds to be more that went on. Best confess otherwise!  Wink 

Heart Heart Heart
It sounds like Auntie Karen has big plans for her new nephew, Baby Ralphie!  

Once she had reddened your bottom, and had you nicely pinned up in diapers and plastic panties, did she proceed to drag you to your bedroom and go through your male clothes, selecting most of them for donation or whatever as now unsuitable for her new toddler?  I can just imagine her making you sit down on the floor, handing you a pair of sharp scissors, and watching as you cut your old male undies to shreds.  So humiliating!  
I still have 1 pr of men’s briefs .2 shirts 1 or slacks.Karen told Mom she should get rid of all of them .They discussed a shopping trip over much laughter
More blessings to your mother and Karen, they have the right idea.
Wow I think they’re going too far

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